Breast Implant removal with Dr Raymond Goh

There are many reasons why a woman may have her breast implants removed, but what does the process actually involve? Dr Raymond Goh, a Plastic Surgeon based in Brisbane, recorded a video and chatted with us about the process of breast implant removal and shared with us a breast implant removal video he recorded.

Many women with breast implants will at some stage of their implant life need a breast implant revision procedure to replace the old implants with new ones, reposition the existing implants (yep, implants can move into undesired positions due to tissue changes), or to remove them entirely without replacement. Dr Goh says, “Despite major advancements in breast implant technology, all implants have a limited lifetime, and may need to be removed or replaced at some stage in their life. The life span of breast implants can vary from women to women. Some women may require replacement surgery in only a few years ,while others may go 10-20 years or longer. There are several reasons why a woman might need replacement surgery. Sometimes it is a matter of choice, such as a size change or an implant style change, and sometimes removal and replacement is necessary because of a complication, such as leakage, capsular contracture, or shifting of the implant.”

What is involved in breast implant removal surgery?

breast implant removal video

Dr Raymond Goh

Dr Goh says that breast implant removal surgery can take between one to three hours depending on the patient and how complicated the removal is. “If the implant has ruptured and leaked further into the patients breast tissue, the removal may take longer to ensure as much of the leaked silicone is removed.”

The incisions for breast implant removal surgery are usually made in the same location as the incision for the primary implant placement surgery, so you shouldn’t have any new scars. Again, it depends on the patient and the complexity of their surgery, but if there are no complications and the procedure is straightforward, generally the patient is able to go home on the same day as surgery. The recovery time will similarly depend on what has been done, but in general is quicker if implants were simply removed and not replaced. “Many patients are able to head back to work just one week after their breast implant removal procedure. You will need to avoid any heavy lifting or intense exercise for four to six weeks after surgery. A patient who has had their implants removed due to capsular contracture and required removal of the scar capsule may have more discomfort with a longer recovery time.”

Dr Goh says that in some patients a lift may be required after implant removal to ensure there is no sagging or loose skin previously expanded by the implants.



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