An initiative established by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to help women with concerns about their existing breast implants allows any woman to have her breast implants checked with a plastic surgeon under the bulk billing scheme. Avenue Plastic Surgery are proud to announce their involvement in this initiative and now offer consultations to breast implant patients with no out of pocket cost.

Breast Implant Screening Service

Dr Allan Kalus

Breast Implant Screening Service

Dr Allan Kalus, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Avenue Plastic Surgery, says, “We are proud to participate in this initiative. With approximately 20,000 breast implants being inserted in Australia each year and an increase in awareness of the risks and side effects of implants, an implant screening service has never been more important. Removal of breast implants is one of the most common operations I now perform as more and more women are choosing to replace their implants with a more natural augmentation option such as fat transfer.”

The risks and side effects of implants has been well documented, but up until recently implants were not promoted as something you should monitor and have checked. Dr Kalus says, “We’ve heard a lot about these problems and women having breast augmentation are all told these days that it’s not a lifetime procedure, they will need further surgery. However there is no need to panic! This is because, depending on the type of implant, its age and your own bodily reaction, your implants may be trouble free for many years.”

What is an alternative to breast implants?

Dr Kalus says the best alternative is to augment your breasts with your own fat. “This is a safe and reliable operation however the success of the procedure is dependent on the experience of the surgeon and the attention to detail. This is because we are transferring a living tissue (your own fat) from one part of the body to another and the fat has to survive and grow in its new location. The second choice is to use a saline filled implant. These have been in use for over 50 years and have proven their reliability and safety. The quality of the saline implants means that most of them last for well over 20 years. However the best part is that, in the event of leakage, the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body.”

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement with Fat, Patient of Dr Allan Kalus

If you’d like to arrange your free breast implant screening you can contact Avenue Plastic Surgery on (03) 9521 1777. Dr Kalus reminds us that the first step is to get a referral from your GP so the screen can be bulk billed. If you’d like more information on Dr Allan Kalus and Breast Fat Transfer check out the blog below:

Breast Implant Screening Service

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