It has been three months now since I had a breast lift and augmentation performed by Dr Jake Lim from Parramatta.

“I am so thrilled with the results.”

I had waited 20 years to have this procedure and kept putting it off because I was uncertain about what the end result would be. In that time I have seen over ten surgeons. Dr Lim was the first surgeon that gave me confidence in his ability to perform this surgery. I felt he listened to what I wanted and was truthful with what he could deliver. I was thrilled with the service and attention of his staff Katherine and Robyn with both before and after care to date.

The surgery was performed at Castle Hill Day Clinic. I had the surgery and went home that evening after Dr Lim’s visit. I had no real pain to speak of that evening that was not dulled by pain relief medication. I was on Panadeine Forte fort for about a week and then went on Paracetamol for few more days.

I saw Dr Lim a week after surgery and all was well. Had steri stripes removed end of second week and my breast looked clean and amazing. I am so please with the results and I know I still have a little more healing over the next few weeks until I can get back to my normal routine. My next visit is in a month’s time, in the meantime I have been instructed to continue sleeping slightly elevated and on my back for the next 4 weeks which is not that comfortable.

I would recommend Dr Lim to anyone wanting a breast lift and augmentation, he is an amazing surgeon but for me he is an artist and a nice human being.


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