Dr George Marcells

Dr George Marcells

Dr George Marcells from About Face in Edgecliff, Sydney, is one of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons. He is especially known for his excellent Face and Rhinoplasty work. Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are often not just to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose, but to improve breathing issues.

There are several things that cause breathing difficulties due to nasal airway obstruction. With Dr Marcells’ help we list some of the main ones below.

Deviated septum

The septum is cartilage in the nose separating your nostrils. In the “perfect” nose it divides your nostrils evenly in order to allow the free flow of air and easy breathing. When this cartilage is misshapen or uneven, it means one or both nostrils make breathing difficult, even forcing the patient to breathe through their mouth. This can be congenital, or caused due to compression of the nose during childbirth or from accidents or trauma to the nose.

Accidents or trauma to the nose

A car accident, physical abuse, sports injuries or a fall where the nose is impacted could impact, whether it be mild or severe, your ability to breathe through your nose. It could cause a deviated septum or a range of other issues that affect your breathing.

Excessive drug use (snorting through nose)

There are several consequences of snorting drugs or inhaling certain substances such as chemicals through your nose including perforated septum, nasal collapse, deformity, nose whistling or snoring. Often the only way these symptoms can be fixed is through surgery.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are fairly common growths that form in the nose or sinuses. They can be linked to allergies or asthma and often cause no symptoms and don’t need surgery or treatment, however if they are larger they may cause blockage or breathing difficulties. Surgery can treat them, although they have been known to grow back. They are rarely cancerous.

Excessive Nasal Tissue

Other things that may affect your breathing and require you to have nose surgery include:

  • Infection or damage from piercings
  • Excessive picking or scratching the inside of your nose
  • Pregnancy rhinitis (would you believe it is estimated that between 20 – 30% of pregnant women suffer from this condition that usually lasts around 6 weeks in the first trimester!)

If you have breathing issues and require nose surgery or a rhinoplasty to rectify the issue you may be eligible for a medicare rebate. This is because the surgery is not purely cosmetic or for aesthetic purposes. To find out more contact Dr George Marcells or any of the team at his clinic and arrange a consult.


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