Muscle relaxants to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles is one of the most common non-surgical treatments in surgeon’s and beauty clinics around Australia. Interestingly, there is an ever increasing number of men making it a part of their maintenance routine to have injectables too. It’s even got a name… Brotox – muscle relaxants for men. Dr William Mooney’s popular medispa in Sydney, Face Plus Medispa have a large male clientele who frequent their clinic to have regular beauty maintenance treatments.

Men are losing the stigma associated with ‘having work done’

More and more men are realising that they don’t have to wear the lines and wrinkles that defy their age, too much time spent in the sun or hard work with long hours. Natasha from Face Plus Medispa says, “A common perception is that beauty treatments such as muscle relaxants are reserved for women only. However, over the last couple of years in particular, men are losing the stigma associated with ‘having work done’ and embracing the idea that a little professional help can go a long way. Men in all sorts of industries, from customer facing jobs, the public eye, stressed executives can understand the benefits of looking their best.”

It used to be that most men wouldn’t even consider putting moisturiser on, let alone having muscle relaxants. However as it is with women, in a world full of social media, selfies, increased career and job competition and just a desire to look as good as their girlfriends?!, men are making conscious efforts to improve their appearance..

Natasha says there is another reason men are getting Brotox. “Many of our male patients often decide to have “Brotox” due to an increased level of candour by their partners. It used to be quite common for our female clients to disguise any cosmetic work from their partners, however, many are choosing to embrace their decisions and share their experience publically. Once men see that the correct application of anti-wrinkle injections actually soften rather than freeze the face, they are much more inclined to try the treatment themselves. Following the treatment men are surprised with the amount of facial movement they have, yet there is a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles.”

Face Plus Medispa

Face Plus Medispa, a beautiful place to have time out

Brotox – a lunchtime treatment

Natasha says that men love the fact that a muscle relaxant treatment has no downtime and it can be done in their lunchtime and they can return to work straight afterwards without any signs of having work done. It’s an easy thing a busy working man can fit into his schedule. Results do not appear straight away with anti-wrinkle injections as it does with Fillers. The effects of the injectable treatment begin within several days with full results noticeable around 10 days after the treatment. The gradual onset of muscle relaxants is also why men like it as it doesn’t cause a noticeable change overnight. Results can last up to one year, but depending on the individual, maintenance sessions may be required at or between 3 – 6 months. Natasha says, “Most of our male clients admit that the treatment helps them to look rejuvenated and well rested.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about Brotox at Face Plus Medispa, in any of their three locations – Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction and Bankstown, you can give them a call on the numbers below:

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