Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates

Over the years, I had a number of male patients ask me about penis enlargement or phalloplasty. It was not a procedure that I offered, but enough guys were asking me about it that I needed some medical answers.

As a surgeon, I had some knowledge of surgical phalloplasty and started to research these in more detail. However, I was disheartened to discover the surgical options were highly invasive, involved extended downtime and post-care (many months) and the risk of permanent complications and/or poor results were too high. I decided not to pursue or recommend surgical options to my male patients and felt there must be a far less invasive and less risky option for penis augmentation.

This got me thinking about injectable phalloplasty. I had been injecting cosmetic dermal fillers for over 15 years and was familiar with the various products and how they could be used to successfully augment soft tissue on the face, hands and other areas of the body. However, I wasn’t sure which product would work best in penile tissue.

I discovered a few articles and research papers from Korea where doctors were using dermal fillers for penile augmentation, with encouraging results1. Their technique was well described but it was not so easy to organise personal training. Before I started my own trials with injectable phalloplasty, I needed to be sure it could be performed in a safe and painless manner, with minimal or no downtime (much the same as facial fillers).

I then came across an article by an Italian Urologist who was using a product called Macrolane for penile augmentation2. They used a very large cannula so the access point had to be stitched closed, plus they only put filler on the ‘top’ of the penis, which looked a bit strange. Urologists have a great understanding of penis anatomy, but less experience with cosmetic injecting. I felt their technique could be improved.

Finally, a friend had Macrolane injected for breast augmentation. She could easily have had breast implants, which is a very common and widely offered surgical procedure, but she opted for a temporary, non-surgical option instead. This is when I realised that non-invasive, injectable phalloplasty was a viable option for men, especially given the limitations of surgical phalloplasty.

Whilst Macrolane has fallen out of favour, I was using other sophisticated dermal fillers that I believed had the right texture and matrix to ensure a smooth penile augmentation with sufficient longevity (up to 2 years). These products were also reversible i.e. they could be dissolved in the event of any complication or asymmetry… and, so started the CALIBRE trials!

With a group of volunteers (i.e. some of my male friends… who are still my friends), I started injecting small volumes of dermal filler for penis enlargement. After two years of trials, I narrowed down the ideal product(s) plus refined a very specific injection technique, along with a post-procedure regime to optimise the results. I have since trained a number of other highly skilled cosmetic injectors (our team of Certified CALIBRE Doctors) and together we continue to improve the technique and patient satisfaction with their CALIBRE penis enlargement results.

Having a network of Certified CALIBRE Doctors means we can share knowledge and support for our patients, plus ensure consistent best-practice as the CALIBRE procedure grows in popularity. Injectable phalloplasty is a medical procedure and cannot be performed safely without knowledge, training and experience.

As more guys hear about the CALIBRE procedure and demand increases, we are planning to offer training to other doctors around Australia and the World. CALIBRE is becoming the fastest growing male cosmetic procedure that you have never heard of.

For more information on the CALIBRE procedure and to view some of our before and after patient images, please visit www.calibreclinic.com.au or call 1300 105 505.

1 Moon DG, Kwak TI, Kim JJ. Cho HY. Effects of hyaluronic acid gel in penile augmentation. Int J Impot Res 2002; 14(Suppl 3): S40.
2 Aesthetic Surgery Journal .Use of Macrolane VRF 30 in Emicircumferential Penis Enlargement. Giuseppe Sito, MD; Sergio Marlino, MD; and Adriano Santorelli, MD

Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Oates is committed to being able to provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic surgery, dermal therapies including advanced professional skin care products and injectable treatments.

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