Carley is a mum of 3, nurse and self-described “wellness junkie” based in Newcastle. After losing almost half her body weight, she did her research and chose to see Dr Nick Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle to talk about her surgical options. Now 9 months after her mummy makeover, Carley hasn’t looked back and even had her “model for a day” experience at the recent Hunter Plastic Surgery (HPS) patient journey photo shoot. And she looks amazing!

We asked Carley some questions about her journey.

Carleys Journey

Carley has turned her life around and surgery completed her transformation journey

Why did you consider surgery?

After losing 68kg over 2 years, I was obviously happy to have the weight off, but really didn’t like the way my body looked. I still didn’t feel comfortable in clothes and found shopping difficult. It definitely had an impact on my family and I just wasn’t being the active mum I wanted to be for my kids.

How was your experience with Hunter Plastic Surgery?

From the first time calling I was made to feel welcomed by Kylie she was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and explained how the appointment worked and booked me in to see Jess for a Vectra surgery simulation. When I first walked in I was blown away by how beautiful the office is, again Kylie and the HPS team made me feel very welcomed.

Carleys Journey

Carley rocks her photo shoot at Hunter Plastic Surgery

What happened at your first visit?

I went and had my scan with Jess and during the appointment I was made to feel so comfortable, Jess knew that I had recently lost 60+kg and taking off some clothes made me uncomfortable, Jess’s friendly personality, kindness and professionalism made me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence to ask the questions I wanted answers to. After my scan I booked in to see Dr Moncrieff.

I was delighted to see that Nick was open and honest, had a lovely bedside manner and even had a sense of humor (a lot of doctors I have seen do not). This was a very important to both my husband and I when making our choice on who do have surgery with. We walked out and knew without a doubt that we were going to book my mummy makeover with Dr Moncrieff.

Was surgery scary?

A bit! On surgery day I was so nervous and Nick could not have done more to make me comfortable, his bedside manor is incredible. My surgery was completed and on day 3 I had the lovely Nurse Alecia come and visit me in hospital (with a beautiful gift bag) and to explain what I could and could not do once I was home, along with contact info to use at any time I needed, this was such a lovely touch and definitely comes under is that 5 star treatment HPS have.

Yes, recovery was a challenge, but I felt supported the whole way and looked forward to seeing the team when I came in for my post-op visits.

Carleys Journey

Carley is super happy with her mummy makeover results and says it’s changed her life.

Carleys Journey

And how do you feel now?

Now more than 9 months down the track, I love that I’m back to being an active mum and can walk into any shop and buy clothes I want, not just what I can fit into! And I know that the surgery will help me lead a longer, healthier life forever!

I couldn’t fault Dr Moncrieff and his incredible team at HPS, I am very comfortable in recommending anyone who asks me as I truly believe that him and his team have changed my life with this surgery.

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