If you’re anything like me the words chemical peel may tend to freak you out a little bit.

What does it mean and more importantly what is it going to do to me?

I was super apprehensive until I had my first chemical peel late last year. It was just a light one but the results were amazing.

A chemical peel works to rejuvenate the skin leaving it smooth and radiant.

A chemical solution usually applied to the face but it can also be applied to the neck and hands as well.

This solution causes the skin to peel after which there is fresh new skin revealed.

This is a good thing because new skin is always smoother with less wrinkles.

The purpose of using a chemical peel is for the treatment of acne, to create smoother and finer skin, diminish scar marks, Lessen freckles, age spots and Improve the damage caused by sunburn.

The process is simple; a qualified practitioner or dermatologist first cleanses the face or the area that needs the peel. This removes the excess oil.

The chemical solution is left for a certain amount of time, this all depends on the type of peel you are having done.

Once applied some people may experience a tingling sensation or slight burning. Depending on the type or peel and its strength determines how your skin will react.

The recovery time for a peel depends on the type of peel. But remember the number one rule when choosing a chemical peel is choosing a fully qualified practitioner, they will help you determine the best peel that is right for you.

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Nina is a TV presenter focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands and a freelance writer. She is passionate about the welfare of animals, loves to surf, and lives in beautiful Byron Bay.

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