The latest injectable product, Belkyra, now offers a ‘quick fix’ for those with excess fat beneath their chin. One woman who has battled the dreaded double chin all her life is Sarah. Sarah shares her story with us about why she decided to try Belkyra with Dr Patrick Briggs, Plastic Surgeon in Perth, and how happy she is with her results.

Sarah says she was always unhappy with her fatty chin

Like many others, Sarah has had a small fat pocket beneath her chin since she was a teenager. Most people believe that to have a double chin you must be overweight but Sarah says she has had it even at her smallest when she was a professional ballet dancer. “I have always had fat under my chin, I remember when I was getting my photos taken for Royal Ballet School, I had to do lots of side profile shots, and even then when I was so slim I still had a fatty chin. I have always been self-conscious about my double chin. It is a family trait and gets saggy with age.”

Belkyra, also known as Kybella in America, uses an acid also found in our own gallbladders to dissolve fat in small areas on the body. The treatment takes around 15 minutes and can be somewhat painful unless your doctor uses some form of anaesthetic. Dr Briggs performed Sarah’s first treatment, and says he uses a technique to make the treatment almost painless. “I use local anaesthetic to numb the area before proceeding with treatment. In the past for those with neck and chin issues the only option was to take the surgical route. However these days patients are after treatments that are quicker, easier and less painful, Belkyra along with local anaesthetic makes this possible.”

Dr Patrick Briggs at work on Sarah

Why Belkyra?

Sarah says she chose Belkyra over other treatments or procedures because she could not afford to take time off for surgery. “I am a busy professional with two small children. I was able to do Belkyra and go back to work in the afternoon. It was almost a lunch time treatment.” She says she’d never had any other contouring treatment or procedures but the whole treatment from beginning to end was a great experience. “I went into the clinic, was greeted by the friendly reception staff, went into a quiet, relaxing waiting room with a spa like feeling with a vaporizer and nice music. I was introduced to Dr Briggs who explained everything and gave me great confidence and reassurance.

“I have never even had Anti-wrinkle injections. I have previously had my legs waxed and was quite squeamish about the pain of that! I have a rubbish pain threshold. Dr Briggs gave me extra local anaesthetic which was a little bit stingy but it meant I felt very little for the Belkyra. On one occasion he only gave me a small amount of local and it was uncomfortable. I don’t think I could tolerate the treatment without the local at all. The actual treatment was done lying down on a bed, I shut my eyes and within 10 minutes or less it was done. The worst bit was the sting of the local Anaesthetic.”

Is there any downtime?

Sarah says immediately after the treatment her neck was swollen. But she says, “This was a good sign it showed it was working. The swelling lasted about a week but reduced everyday significantly. I was able to go to work, but I did put a pretty scarf on the first two times. It was less dramatic for the 3rd and 4th treatment. Less fat to melt!!!”

Have Belkyra with someone you can trust

Sarah says she would advise potential patients thinking about having the treatment to see a fully qualified and experienced practitioner to do the Belkyra treatment. She reiterates, “Make sure you see a surgeon; not a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic aesthetics doctor, but a plastic surgeon! They are fully trained in surgery and work with greater accuracy. It was important for me to be in the hands of one I trust. He was also able to modify my treatment for my low pain threshold by increasing the dose of local anaesthetic.”

Sarah says Dr Briggs and his staff were extremely professional, approachable, friendly and capable. She adds, “Dr Briggs is a traditional surgeon, with many years experience under his belt. He is very professional and explained everything and reassured me. He was happy to answer all my questions and I felt very safe in his capable hands. The staff are lovely, friendly and welcoming. Laura the nurse did the final treatment and she was also very quick and professional. She does multiple fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections a day so I knew she was safe with a needle and she was supervised by Dr Briggs himself.”

Sarah says she definitely got the results she had hoped for with her Belkyra treatments and got a result quicker than she expected. “Yes I was amazed! By the second treatment I saw a difference.” She says she would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone who needed it. Of her experience Sarah says, “I am glad I got this early before aging kicks in!”

If you’d like more information on Belkyra you can give Dr Briggs’ clinic a call and have a chat with them – all their staff are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the treatment. Ph (08) 9381 9300.


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