You might have noticed that the hot topics at the moment are chins and necks. There’s so much out there about the face, but we’re realising that there isn’t much use treating the face without also treating the chin and neck area. A double chin is one of the most common signs of ageing, with Dr Michael Rich and the talented practitioners at the ENRICH Clinic in Victoria getting some impressive results with chin liposuction. We ask them a little more about it.

Why have I got a double chin?

There are several factors that can contribute to double chins. These include:

  • Weight gain or weight loss (weight gain can lead to double everything, but weight loss can lead to saggy skin that doesn’t bounce back the way it used to)
  • Age – skin loses collagen, which means less elasticity and sagging skin
  • Genetics – if your parents or grandparents have double chins, you are more likely to get one too
  • Bone structure – how your bones are shaped can be genetic, but sometimes it’s just the way you were born. Dr Rich highlights that a double chin is not always related to age or weight.
  • Posture – yep! If you have a poor posture as you hold your head and neck up, the tissue can use strength and form, leading to a double chin

A double chin can detract from a shapely and more youthful-looking facial profile. Defining the jaw can give you a more slimline and youthful appearance.

How do I get rid of my double chin?

ENRICH Clinic say that liposuction is a really useful option for reducing the appearance of a double chin. Dr Michael Rich says, Liposuction surgery on the chin is straightforward, and the recovery is quick. You can start to enjoy your new neckline much sooner than other types of liposuction, since only a small amount of fat is removed. We may combine this with skin-tightening treatments to retract the skin more thoroughly.”

Dr Rich says the actual procedure, whilst still a surgical procedure, is a small one with a short recovery period. “Performed as a day procedure at our Melbourne clinic, the results can be dramatic, shaving years off your face.”

The area is numbed with a special fluid, the tiny liposuction tube (microcannula) is inserted, and the liposuction treatment occurs. Only a local anaesthetic is required, so the treatment is considered very safe. You are usually required to wear a compression garment for a few days and whilst bruising and swelling can last up to a couple of weeks, it is often hardly noticeable around the chin and neck area.

What about the non-surgical chin reduction?

ENRICH Clinic often combine chin liposuction with skin-tightening treatments for the best results, because liposuction gets rid of fat, but its skin-tightening benefits depend largely on natural skin elasticity. A skin-tightening device such as the ThermiRF ENRICH Clinic use is perfect for this.

Dr Rich says, “We have a range of skin-tightening treatments, with our new favourite being non-invasive radiofrequency treatments using the ThermiRF device. Radiofrequency treatments tighten skin immediately by shrinking proteins, but treatments improve production of collagen and elastin over the months following treatment. Skin-tightening results keep improving over time. Radiofrequency treatments target fibroblasts, your collagen-producing cells, and stimulates them into action. The result is tighter, smoother skin that lasts. No surgery, no pain, no needles; just a beautiful neckline.”

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Michael Rich at the ENRICH Clinic phone 03 9500 9500, or if you’d like more information on ENRICH Clinic check out the blogs below.

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