– explained by one of the best surgeons in the field; Dr. Colin Moore.

It seems nowadays that the subject of a boob job (breast augmentation and or lift) isn’t that exciting. The procedure it seems is quite common and people don’t blink an eyelid at it. But bring up the topic of penis enlargement (also known as phalloplasty) and everyone wants to sit up and listen… shyly but surely. There is a fascination and skepticism that comes with this operation. But let me assure you it is possible and many men are continuously seeking the procedure to show the telling proof.

Bruce from Plastic Surgery Hub recently discussed the procedure on the Plastic Surgery Hub where you can read the article and blog post here. But today we are covering the procedure from the perspective of Australia’s no. 1 cosmetic surgeon for penis enlargements Dr. Colin Moore.

Dr. Colin Moore of The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery and Penile Surgery has performed over 4000-enhancement phalloplasty’s in the last 43 years. That calculates at about 130 phalloplasty’s a year with the age group ranging from men in their 20’s to early 60’s. Many in the cosmetic surgery field celebrate Dr. Colin Moore for his devised and patented penile enlargement operations.

Dr. Colin Moore states that one of the main motivation for men to seek out this procedure is triggered by an unfavorable comment from a sexual partner. The most common motivator is the Locker Room Syndrome where the patient is so concerned about the small size of his Penis as to be unable even to shower or change his clothes in public change rooms.
And attributes the steady rise in popularity for the procedure as;
“A good barometer as to a societies affluence.”

Statistics portray that the procedure is at a stable status and was at its peak from 2001 to 2007. But with the developments that surgeons such as Dr. Colin Moore have discovered there is no surprise that we will see the figures rise again.

The phalloplasty procedure can either lengthen or widen the penis, or in up to 95% of cases both can be performed simultaneously. In an erect state the penis can be enlarged between 2.5cm and 5cm, with flaccid length normally doubled. The width can be increased by around 1cm to 2cm in both erect and flaccid state.

Dr. Colin Moore’s procedure for penile enlargement was developed in two stages, the first was developed whilst he was a registrar to treat children with micro –penis. Micro-penis is a condition that means the penis is unusually small and when measured is less than 10 cms erect in length. The second stage of the procedure came some ten years later when Dr. Moore had had the chance, with the help of the patient’s local GPs, to review the first half dozen cases that he had performed. It was then that Dr. Moore realised that the operation did not in fact increase the erect length only the length of the flaccid penis (which Dr. Moore mentions is still true for those surgeons who persist with using the early technique). As a result Dr. Moore modified the lengthening technique to achieve increase in erect length and added in widening, initially by fat injection, which proved to be inadequate then later by dermal fat grafts, which work almost perfectly and are now the gold standard for penis widening.

Dr. Moore went on to state “There has been a recent fashion to use Acellular Matrix grafts to replace dermal fat grafts, but my own experience of this (and more recently also from America) has shown a high rate of extrusion of the graft, which is spontaneous and not associated with infection. For this reason I do not offer Acellular Matrix grafts (known as Alloderm in USA) for my patients any more.”

So this is how the operation is completed; for the lengthening procedure a precision is made at the bottom of the abdomen, which frees the ligamentous attachment of the penis to the front of the pubic bone. This pushes the penis forward and, as a result, the part of the penis that was previously hidden is now visible. Some soft tissues are also rotated so the penis does not reattach. Now when the penis is erect it will be around 15 degrees further away from the abdomen than before surgery.

For widening surgery, grafts are taken from the buttock / thigh folds or from the pubic area (only if there is enough fat). Taking fat from the pubic area is desirable as this leaves just one scar across the stomach, which usually fades relatively quickly, often in less than a year. If grafts are taken from the buttock/thigh region, the scars will normally take about three years to fully fade. This tissue is grafted underneath the skin of the penis onto the two erectile cylinders. This ensures the increase in diameter is even all along the shaft and back inside the tissues deep within the intra-pubic region.

The operation takes four to five hours (as against the old stage 1 operation which took 1 to 2 hours) and is only a day procedure. But it is well worth knowing that the full effect of the surgery will not be visible for a complete year after the surgery. While the operation may seem fairly straight forward there are a number of procedures that must be followed for some time after the surgery. Post operation the patient is required to lay flat for 2 weeks and take anti-erectile medication so as not to damage the grafts until they are well bedded in. There is an absolute prohibition on sex, heavy lifting and vigorous physical activity for six weeks after the operation and for a period of up to 9 months after the surgery it is necessary to perform scar-stretching exercises.

There are very few complications with the Dermal Fat Graft (DFG) technique provided the patient obeys the post operation instructions. Most complications are related to infection and/ or swelling, again, both can be avoided if the patient follows the post operation program.

Dr. Colin Moore emphasises there are usually a lot more complications associated with the fat injection technique.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Colin Moore and his work take a look at his biography that we published recently.

If you would like to contact Dr Moore, click here.


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