The Cohen’s Weight Loss Program stands out from other programs because it starts with the test results from your own blood work. What this means is that the eating plan you follow is based on your own needs and requirements.

The research isolated the hormones involved in obesity and overweight people and led to the conclusion that obesity is a ‘disease’. It has nothing to do with lack of self-discipline, but is a metabolic problem arising out of hormonal imbalances. By re-balancing the hormones via the correct nutrition for each individual, the body will automatically take care of the fat loss and other consequences of being overweight. Rather than use costly, synthetic drugs, Dr Cohen’s research showed that the best way to address this imbalance would be to use food as ‘medicine’ in a natural and safe way. Dr Cohen believes that there are three hormones that directly affect your weight gain. First is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is responsible for breaking down the fat in the body. Second is insulin, which regulates the body’s sugar levels. Third is serotonin, which controls the body’s cravings for food. When these three hormones are not in conjunction with each other, you will have problems losing weight regardless of how much you diet or exercise. You will constantly be craving for food and you will have very low energy and you easily get tired. You may even have feelings of being bloated and have actual water retention.

As a result, thousands of tests on various foods were conducted over a number of years. The outcome was an intricate understanding of what foods and combinations of foods trigger the correcting of obesity-related hormonal imbalances. Dr Cohen used this knowledge to develop a very specific quick weight loss diet. A healthy and natural solution to the hormonal imbalance is letting food itself become your ‘medicine’. With the right combination and quantities of foods, your hormonal imbalance can be targeted and obesity can be controlled successfully.

You will follow your unique Eating Plan precisely calibrated to meet your body’s needs, to lose fat quickly and increase your general wellness. Once on the Eating Plan, clients normally experience rapid fat loss, no hunger pangs or cravings. You should experience an increased feeling of wellbeing, energy and vitality!

Once you reach your body’s natural goal weight, your Eating Plan is followed by a short stabilising program called the ‘Refeeding Program’, which reintroduces foods previously excluded, without upsetting your body’s newly balanced system. This ensures that weight is not regained when normal eating resumes.

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