After major plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures compression garments are vital to aid recovery. The compression garment reduces pain, swelling, bruising and discomfort. It gives the area support and a feeling of security along with general body contouring and skin retraction.

Different surgical procedures have different recovery periods. Therefore the time needed wearing the compression garment will differentiate. On average this will be a minimum of three weeks and you will be expected to wear your garment 24 hours a day. It is then recommended that you purchase 2 garments so that one can be washed and air-dried whilst you wear the other. This is extremely important in order to ensure the best possible surgical outcome.

It’s important when choosing a compression garment that it is at medical standards. If compression garments are not at medical standards it can prolong your recovery time, slow down your healing, worsen your swelling and other symptoms and increase the discomfort you feel during your recovery process. Most importantly compression-garments that are not made to medical standards can sometimes do more harm than good to the area that needs to heal.

Marina Comfortwear is a range of medical compression garments designed for use following plastic and cosmetic procedures. Marena garments offer unparalleled comfort whilst still maintaining the compression you need. Made from Tactel Nylon and Soft Lycra, Marena’s ComfortWeave® fabric is one of the only garments to be fully F5 certified and evenly compresses the body, moulding to every curve like a very soft, second skin.

Plastic Surgery Hub is happy to stock the Marina Comfortwear range of medical compression garments on our online store here. If you have any further questions about compression garments please do not hesitate to contact us.


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