It’s been 8 weeks since my CoolSculpting treatment and I’m really seeing the changes now.  I’ve been keeping up with the healthy eating and exercise and I have managed to drink a jug of water everyday. By the way, it’s far easier to get through the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day if you have a jug on your desk (if at work) and a small glass.  I have found it very easy to drink that jug of water than thinking about drinking 6 glasses a day and going to the tap each time for a refill.  I have Fiona from Clinic Aesthetic to thank for that tip – thank you!

So like I was saying, I have seen more changes in my body. The areas that were treated have definitely reduced from their original bulky size, more so over the last couple of weeks.  Some of my clothes are not as tight as they used to be.  I have to keep checking my body to remind myself how amazing the CoolSculpting treatment actually is.  The results are so good and I didn’t even have to endure any major pain to achieve it.  It wasn’t even a painful experience for me personally.  I would not hesitate for one minute to go back for a second time and I’m enjoying the whole experience, mainly because I have had changes in those stubborn areas that I’ve struggled to change with the usual health and fitness that is already a part of my life.

If I am feeling this good at week 8, I’m going to be feeling pretty good in another month when I come to the 3 month milestone when I see my true results from the treatment.


Following a long corporate career as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Ilke set on the path of self development, wanting to learn and grow on a deeper level to really evolve, not just as an individual but as a mum and wife.

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