Well it’s been 2 weeks since I last blogged about my progress following the CoolSculpting treatment I had at Clinic Aesthetic in July.  We documented the treatment so you can watch first hand right here.  You will see me having three sections treated and how it looks when the machine comes off!  There are a few steps in setting up the treatment.  Firstly the therapist takes a series of images of your body, I was then measured up with the special templates used for the CoolSculpting machine, this determines the areas to be treated.  Once I was lying down the area to be treated was covered with a gel cloth, which was FREEZING, this protects the skin from the cooling elements of the CoolSculpting machine.  The machine is then turned on and the vacuum head is put on the area to be treated and once the therapist turned it on my skin was drawn up and then the freezing begins.  The pulling of the skin didn’t hurt it was just strong pressure and a little uncomfortable.  Treatment of one area takes one hour.  I had three areas treated, so I was there for three hours.

I can definitely see a change in my “love handle” area but not so visible in my belly yet.  I feel completely normal, I have had none of the side effects (as explained in earlier blogs) other than tenderness, but that’s all gone away now.  It’s only sore if I push really hard in the treated areas.

Next week will be the one month follow up at Clinic Aesthetic and I will be able to compare images that were taken of me a month ago, so that will be exciting to see.

Enjoy the video, it’s about 14mins long but I recommend you watch it if this is a treatment you are considering.  You just have to excuse the terrible underwear choice of the day – lol!!!  It made me giggle watching it back.

Watch this space for more updates on my progress!


Following a long corporate career as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Ilke set on the path of self development, wanting to learn and grow on a deeper level to really evolve, not just as an individual but as a mum and wife.

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