Trish: Okay, so, welcome everyone. I’m really, really excited … I mean, I’m always excited, but I’m really, really excited today because I’m going to be talking with Justine who works for Cryomed Aesthetics. Now, Cryomed Aesthetics has some fantastic devices out and today we’re going to particularly talk about Cooltech. Now Cryomed are contributors to Plastic Surgery Hub, they believe in what we do and it’s all about patient safety so they’re on board with what we do and that’s something that we absolutely love. I’m going to welcome Justine and she’s going to tell us all about the Cooltech. So, welcome Justine.

Justine: Thank you. Thank you very much for having me. It’s a great pleasure to talk to everybody out in Plastic Surgery Hub world.

Trish: Fantastic, thanks, Justine. Now, the Cooltech. We get lots of inquiry on our closed groups and from people who just want to know a little bit about the technology. I know you’re a bit of a genius in the field, so tell us about the Cooltech … Is it a fat freezing device?

Justine: Yes. Cooltech is a cryolipolysis device, which essentially means it’s a fat freezing device. I think the real benefit that we’ve got with Cooltech is it’s made by Cocoon, which is a Spanish company. We have been working with Cocoon for a number of years now and we’re all strong believers that Cooltech is the best device on the market in this area. It’s very safe, it’s very comfortable to use, it’s very minimal downtime, and patients get fantastic results, so hence why it’s been incredibly successful and popular. It’s really versatile, you can treat a lot of different areas with the device. If you’ve got a stubborn pocket of fat somewhere, I’m fairly sure we can treat it with the Cooltech really effectively for you.

Trish: All right, so say for example, I’ve got back fat and I’ve got … I’m going to sound like I’m terrible, I’ve got back fat, fat chin, fat underarms. So you can treat pretty much … Like could I treat my back fat?

Justine: Absolutely. The benefit of the Cooltech is that it has a number of different sized cups, so we can find a cup that will fit the fat pocket appropriately to give you maximum benefits and maximum outcome. I think with some of the other devices they’re limited in what they have to offer in terms of flexibility with the cups they have. With our device we’re able to really find the right size which means you’re going to get the most effective treatment to result in a 25% to 30% fat reduction in that spot.

Trish: Okay, so round about almost a quarter to a third fat reduction?

Justine: Absolutely.

Trish: All right. I’ve heard lately that we can get those new Belkyra injections for your under chin.

Justine: Yeah.

Trish: But you can also use the Cooltech for under your chin, can’t you?

Justine: Absolutely. And I think it’s great that there’s more and more options now for treating different areas and it means that more patients are going to find the appropriate treatment for them. I think for a lot of people the Kybella is not necessarily an appropriate treatment or is out of their price range. The real benefit with the Cooltech is that you really only need to have one treatment, maximum two, in that area and most patients who have got a fat pocket underneath their chin are going to get a great outcome with Cooltech.

Trish: Oh, fantastic. Also, say for example, my tummy, because I know that sometimes people say, “Oh, you’re too fat to have the fat freezing,” but who can have it done?

Justine: We do have an ideal patient, our ideal patient is a patient who looks after themselves, is paying good attention to their diet and exercise. I think a lot of women, particularly as they head into middle age, even if they’re doing all the right things, they still find there are those really stubborn pockets of fat that have either developed over time or maybe they’ve always had them. I think those patients will get a fantastic result from the Cooltech.

That’s not say that they’re the only patients that benefit. I think the great thing with the Cooltech is we also have what is called the double hand piece, which is basically does two … Double the amount at once. It’s quite a large handpiece. It’s designed specifically for the abdomen. For a lady with a larger pocket of fat around the middle, it’s incredibly effective at getting rid of a large volume of fat in that area and really changing people’s shape. I’ve seen some fantastic results on middle aged women who have put on weight as they sort of reach menopause and they’re finding … They’re fit and healthy, they’re looking after themselves, but they get to that point in middle age where they’ve put on that weight in that area and their clothes just aren’t fitting them that nicely. They’re very happy and healthy and fit except for this sort of pocket of fat in the middle. For those patients, the double works beautifully.

It’s not just for the fit and healthy gym bunnies that have got a little pocket of fat in their tummy. It’s for a lot broader patient groups than just those people.

Trish: Okay. I was talking to a lady on the weekend and she recently had an abdominoplasty, and I know that this sometimes happen under … Well, I’ve known it to happen, it’s happened to me as well. But where, they have a tummy tuck, everything there gets pulled down and then their waists kind of disappears. Is that the sort of … Say, for example, if I wanted to make my waist a bit thinner, could I have just the sides done?

Justine: Yeah, absolutely. Once you’d had a consultation, if you had pockets of fat there that were the right size that were deemed appropriate for the treatment, absolutely. Waist lines and love handles, those are really common areas to get treated. I’ve seen patients who have done the hard work, lost the weight but they’ve got that little pocket there and they want to get rid of it and improve the shape. They’re the perfect patient to get great results with this treatment.

Trish: Yeah, right. I’m presuming the treatments take different amount of time depending on where they are?

Justine: Yes, yes.

Trish: Say, for example, if I was having my waist done.

Justine: Okay, so, the real benefit with Cooltech is that you can do two sides at once which is just brilliant. Rather than coming in and having one side done and then 70 minutes later having the other side done, we can actually do both sides at once, which is so great. It cuts down on the time that you’re sort of lying around bored being frozen. We can do both sides of a waist at one time, usually the treatment time is about 70 minutes, for smaller pockets, for instance, under the chin, it is shorter than that. Yeah, because we can treat two sides at once we can really cut down the time that you’re lying around being frozen.

Trish: Okay. If I was having my waist done, so it’s be just over an hour, an hour and 10 minutes?

Justine: Yeah. Exactly. That’d be the freezing time. You’d have a little bit of time beforehand, going through the consultation, taking photographs, doing measurements, and all those things are extremely important to be able to measure your success and make sure that you’re actually getting the treatment outcomes that you’re expecting. Then we would do 70 minutes of treatment, so it would probably be about 75 because we leave about five minutes in between sides because you will have a massage afterwards for about five minutes. You’ll probably be an hour and a half and all the rest of the other stuff.

Trish: Okay. Can I go back to work? Am I going to be lumpy or anything like that or can I just go back to work?

Justine: No. You can go straight back to work. Some people will get a bit of tenderness. I had my inner thighs done and every time I cross my legs I remember. But yeah, usually it’s very minimal downtime if any. Most patients can go straight back to work. In terms of side effects, there can be a little bit of numbness or a bit of tenderness that can last for two to three weeks. Not every patient gets that, but some do. Can be some very mild bruising. Again, transient, it goes away. All things that we expect to see, nothing dramatic.

Trish: Okay. Is there any prep before you have your treatment? Should you be drinking a heap of water or something like that, or taking anything?

Justine: No, nothing specific. Avoiding things that might make you bruise more easily, so things like fish oils, those kinds of things. Avoiding those things for up to a week beforehand isn’t a bad idea because it can increase your risk of bruising having had those things on board. But nothing major that you need to avoid.

Trish: Okay. One thing I want to ask you about because I hear the horror stories every day of people going to have a treatment with a device and the person not knowing how to use it properly and all these sorts of things happen. I know that you guys put a lot of training into the people that actually use your devices, so can you tell us a bit … Basically, if they go somewhere where there’s a Cooltech, you can pretty much guarantee that that person using that device has been fully trained in how to use it properly.

Justine: Absolutely. I think the best thing about the way that we run our business here at Cryomed is that we don’t just do a half day of training and then that’s it, see you later. I mean, we do the initial half day training and we are there, holding our clients’ hands, and training up the new staff as they come on board, and really supporting the businesses that choose to partner with us and making sure that they get the support that they need so their staff are giving the best possible treatments to their patients. It’s very important to us and we’re very committed to doing that and making sure that that is done on a continuing and ongoing basis. And as new developments occur, we go in and do further training as well with all of our devices.

Trish: That’s fantastic. Give us a rough idea of price. I know that everybody charges differently, but have you got a rough indication of … ?

Justine: Yeah, I think, most people, if you’re going in and just having a single cup, you’d probably be looking around the $800 dollar mark. But as you say, some of the people that have Cooltech will be offering higher prices and lower prices and then most of our clinics, because most people won’t just want one area, they’ll want to have two treatments or two sides, so they do offer discounts according to how many cups of treatment that you are consulted for and that you need according to the areas that you want treated. I don’t think anyone has really set pricing, it does vary a fair bit. And also varies from city to city as well.

Trish: Yeah, and I suppose they might have packages available as well, with other things.

Justine: Absolutely. I think a lot of the clinics will design packages specifically for patients to offer them the best possible outcome, to make it affordable for them to get the areas treated that they want treated to get the best possible results.

Trish: Great. The other question I was going to ask is so when you get your fat frozen it can’t … It just dies, doesn’t it? It can’t come back.

Justine: Yeah. It doesn’t come back. Much like people are used to with … When they actually have lipo, the fat’s gone forever. This is the same. It’s obviously a smaller amount of fat that’s being reduced from a very specific area and it doesn’t actually impact your overall weight, so your scales probably won’t say anything different, they shouldn’t. If they do say anything different it’s more to do with your eating and exercise habits than the actual treatment, but that fat is gone forever.

What the cooling of the fat does, the fat will freeze and it will then set off the natural cell death of the fat cells. Then the fat cells just die away and then are just excreted out of your body in their normal excretory processes, so there’s no extra strain on your body, there’s no extra high levels of fat in your bladder or anything like that. That’s been thoroughly tested, it’s a very safe way to kill fat. Then the fat just disappears and we start to see the results between eight and 12 weeks post-treatment, so now’s an awesome time to be getting started if you want to be sort of looking best possible in your swimwear by summer.

Trish: Yeah, I forgot to even ask that. So a couple of months before you see your full results?

Justine: Yes, absolutely. Now some people do get to see an impact earlier, but really, we don’t really do measurements until eight to 12 weeks after the treatment.

Trish: Okay. All right, so you go back and you can have your measurements done?

Justine: That’s right. Another set of photographs and you can see your before and afters so you can see the result.

Trish: Great. I actually have a friend who did get it done herself and she wasn’t overweight but she had a pocket of fat around her tummy, and then what actually happened, she got the Cooltech and then naturally what kind of happened is it just kind of made her be more aware of what she ate, she was more regular with her exercise, so she’s gone from just looking normal to a year later being really toned and having a flat belly. So it can kind of help you kick start …

Justine: Absolutely. I think for a lot of women, they kind of get into a bit of a rut and they realise that a few more kilos have crept on them what they planned, and they’ve gotten into bad habits with eating their food or their exercise or both, and I think it’s very common. I’ve done exactly the same thing, a few extra kilos crept on after having a child, and it’s really hard to get that motivation back. But you start to see your waist coming back and you’re like, “Oh, yes, let’s do this.” It really kick starts that whole better attitude towards your diet and exercise, I think. A lot of women … I’ve heard very similar stories from many people.

Trish: Yeah, totally. Well, I reckon you’ve answered all of my questions today, Justine.

Justine: Thank you very much. Thanks for having me on.

Trish: Oh, I’ve got one more, actually. I know that Cooltech is relatively new in Australia, but I also know that there’s quite a few devices out there so you’ve pretty much got all of Australia covered.

Justine: Most cities, I think, now have a Cooltech. If you go onto our website, you can go into the clinic finder and find out where the closest Cooltech clinic is to your location.

Trish: Great.

Justine: I think we’ve got pretty good coverage now across Australia.

Trish: Fantastic. All right, so if you’re out there, you want to find the finder, you can go on the Cooltech website or if you’re too lazy or can’t remember just drop us an email at So thanks Justine.

Justine: Thank you so much for having me on, Trish.

Trish: My pleasure, thank you. Bye.

Justine: Bye.


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