Cooltech is a treatment using cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, for body contouring and fat reduction. It lowers the temperature of your fat enough to freeze it and break it down so your body can metabolise it naturally out of your body over the following few weeks/months.

Cooltech is perfect for the “muffin top” or your belly and abdomen, inner thighs, back or any areas that have extra fat that can be “pinched”. We always find the best way to get the real story on a treatment is to speak to the practitioners using the device and the patients receiving the treatment. We got in touch with Jenny from Southern Cosmetics in Bayside, Melbourne about why she loves the Cooltech. One of her patients, Millie, was also more than happy to talk to us about the patient experience.


It’s all about the results

Jenny says one of the reasons why she loves Cooltech is because it’s so easy to apply. She also loves the the feedback she is getting from her patients about their results. She says, “The main thing patients are loving is that they can see real improvement in their areas of concern, often after only one treatment. These results continue to improve after the second treatment if it is required.”

Jenny’s patient Millie agrees, “After I had my arms done, I noticed a very big difference. I saw results just after 1 month.”

Is Cooltech suitable for everyone?

Jenny says they have a have a wide demographic of patients having Cooltech treatments, including quite a few men. “Our clients range in age from early 20s to 60s and even 70s, and have various reasons for having treatments, including after a baby, in preparation for a special event or just to feel a bit better about themselves. We find the clients that get the best results have a reasonable pocket of fat that they wish to reduce, but even slim clients see results if they have a small problem area. The ideal candidate is someone who is a normal weight or just slightly overweight, and who is motivated to continue with diet and exercise after the treatment.”

What areas of the body does Cooltech treat?

Almost any area of the body can be treated with Cooltech. Jenny says she treats many areas “Although abdominal treatments are the most popular. Many patients also treat thighs, upper arms, love handles or bra rolls on the back. We also find that once patients have had one area treated and can see improvement, they will often come back to have other areas treated.”

This was absolutely the case for Millie who has plans for more treatments with Cooltech. “As I could have the treatment done within a reasonable time frame, and there was no after effects, I thought Cooltech would be the best option for me. I saw on Instagram the success stories and wanted to trial it. Initially I anticipated due to the results that the treatment would be a lot more expensive. I thought it was reasonably cheap considering. I had my arms, back and legs treated.” Millie says she got the results she had hoped for and will be trying it on other areas in the future. “I would like to try on the stomach area and hips next.”

Does Cooltech hurt and what about the recovery?

We thought this was definitely a question for the patient! Millie says, “I found the arms were the most sensitive area – that took roughly 1 week to heal however treatments in other areas, there was no pain whatsoever. It was slightly uncomfortable when the area was massaged after the treatment, however I had no additional pain. The clinics explain the process very well and are very informative on the treatment. I knew exactly what to expect.”

Millie says she would definitely recommend Cooltech to friends and family or anyone else considering the treatment. “100%. I believe the treatment works well. I would highly recommend to anyone.”

We think you’ll agree that Millie’s results speak for themselves. Cooltech is one fat freezing treatment that works. If you’d like to find a Cooltech practitioner click here. Or, if you’re in Victoria and would like to contact Jenny or any of her team at Southern Cosmetics you can phone 03 9533 1100 or email them on

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