Dr NidhiOne of Dr Nidhi Berera’s favourite patients was one that hated going to dentists. However, Dr Nidhi’s patience and enthusiasm was able to transform this patient from being embarrassed about her smile and unhealthy teeth into a gorgeous woman with a beautiful smile. Dr Nidhi says, “This poor lady had the most horrible fear of dentists and her teeth were very unhealthy. Yet she was a very attractive lady and she looked after herself in every way – except for her teeth. She was extremely embarrassed to smile or even show me her teeth at the start. Over a period of time, we made a plan for her. Now she has a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and no problems eating everything. Her transformation was a delight to watch.”

Based at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary in Leichhardt, Dr Nidhi was born in Melbourne and moved to Sydney when she met her husband and decided on a sea change. Besides raising her two young children, she also loves competing in triathlons and even did her first iron”man” in February of this year. Not only this, Dr Nidhi says she’s recently started yoga as it “helps with my posture after long days in the dental surgery. I find exercise is a great way to clear my mind and give me energy to keep up with the kids and work.” Dr Nidhi has also trekked to the Mount Everest Base Camp twice. She says, “I love pushing myself in reaching my goals.”

Dr NidhiNo Tooth is the Same

It is this determination that makes Dr Nidhi such a successful dentist. She says she always knew she wanted to be in the health/science area to help people, but was not necessarily interested in becoming a medical doctor. She decided to try studying dentistry for a year but says, “I absolutely loved it from the start. The combination of health science as well as the hands on work and interactions with patients was a perfect mix for me. No person or tooth is exactly the same and I find it very rewarding. It feels like a great mix of art and science.”

People are starting to realise that dentistry is a long way forward from where it was even just 20 years ago. Technology has made it so much easier to get a great smile with not too much fuss (or pain!). Dr Nidhi says her favourite thing is straightening teeth. “There are so many different ways of doing it now. Braces, C-fast, Invisalign… I am a certified provider for all options. Of course seeing a beautiful straight smile at the end is the best reward of all.”

No Reason Not to Smile or Eat Properly

Dr Nidhi says giving people the confidence to smile and eat comfortably is the most rewarding part of her job. “I find it incredibly sad when a patient says they are embarrassed to smile, or that they in pain and are finding it hard to eat. There are so many options available to help people look and feel better about their teeth. There is no reason why anyone should be able to smile and eat properly, everything can be done these days.”

Dr Nidhi runs her own boutique practice with the highest quality materials and equipment so she can ensure that each and every patient gets the best treatment and is well looked after. “That is very important to me professionally.”

You’ll find the warm and engaging Dr Nidhi Berrera at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary working alongside one of our favourite plastic surgeons at the moment Dr Rohit Kumar.


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