Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming synonymous with aesthetics and anti-ageing procedures. One procedure that is revolutionising dental implants is All On 4. If you, for whatever reason, might need replacement of your teeth, it can be a sensitive and overwhelming experience. All On 4 is a technique of replacing your teeth with a beautiful, natural looking set with minimal fuss. We speak to Studfield Dental Group in Wantirna South in Victoria about All On 4, why they use them, and why they are one of the best options for dental implants.

What is All On 4 and How Does It Work?

All On 4 are an immediate fixture of a full set of natural looking teeth. It is an advanced dental procedure and you should have them fitted by qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists. Dr Michael Kotsifakis, Principal Dentist at Studfield Dental Group says, “It sounds simple, and this is exactly what we aim for our patients to experience …a process that appears to be simple and seamless. But this is not to be confused with it being a simple procedure. This is a highly advanced surgical procedure which offers many advantages to older methods of teeth replacement, and which has a remarkable success when performed by experienced professionals who have received special training.”

Tell Me More About All On 4 Prosthesis

Dentures are available for patients who have deteriorated teeth, or missing teeth, and want a more permanent solution than a plate. Dental implants are typically small, titanium fixtures inserted into the jawbone. These fixtures hold the prosthetic replacement teeth. All on 4 is able to replace ALL your teeth using only four implants, hence the term “All On 4”. There is, however, sometimes a need to use six fixtures, so can also be referred to as “All On 6”. There are a few advantages of the All On 4 technique.

  • Immediate results – improved speech and smile
  • Increased function, chewing, etc. (All On 4 are said to be a lot better than other implants)
  • Less treatment time
  • Reduced maintenance, meaning cheaper maintenance
  • Easier cleaning
  • Suitable for those with not much jawbone
  • Can be adjusted for the amount of teeth that need replacing

Dr Kotsifakis confirms, “Since fewer implants are used in the All On 4 method by comparison to older methods, there is less in the way of achieving optimal results. It also allows for simpler long-term maintenance and uncomplicated cleaning. We place 2 implants in the front of the arch and 2 in the back at an intended angle, and together these form the required foundation to support the prosthesis. By using fewer dental implants to support the prosthesis there is a smaller number of components, thus more versatility to design the most optimal function and aesthetics.”

To determine if you are suitable for the All On 4 implants, ask your local dentist if they do the procedure, contact Studfield Dental Group on (03) 9887 0888 or visit their website.

SDG Dental Team

The Studfield Dental Group Team


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