While a lot of women would jump on a plane to undergo a nip and a tuck without having to answer questions about their change of appearance, there’s a growing trend for women to seek out shorter weekend getaways for their beauty overhaul.

Cosmetic TourismPort Macquarie skin expert Shelley Laing said she’s seen a spike in the number of Sydney women who want to get out of the Sydney, for a little pick me up.

“Every woman wants to look younger and feel confident, but is often worried about what others will think,” said Mrs Laing.

“More and more women are choosing to travel for their beauty treatments,” she said.

“They don’t want to have to justify things to their nosey neighbours.”

“Once they are spending on getting work done, privacy is really important to them.”

“Often that means getting out of town for the treatment.”

“There’s also been quite a lot of backlash with procedures going wrong overseas, women are now preferring to get the work down closer to home – or at least in Australia.”

Mrs Laing said the main benefits of getting beauty treatments done in a different city, as apposed to a different country, include:

Cosmetic Tourism

  • Recover in privacy from cosmetic surgery – in quiet secluded surroundings
  • Short travel time – instead of flying overseas, choose a closer destination
  • No questions from nosey neighbours – no explanations
  • Share experience with close friends – have a mini break with friends

Mrs Laing said busy women need time out but don’t have to go overseas for anti-ageing treatments.

“It’s great that everything can be done more locally,” she said.

Over 6.6 million cosmetic surgery procedures are performed worldwide each year and many of these are combined with holidays to ensure they are recovering out of sight.

Shelley Laing owns and operates the successful Beachside Medi Spa in Port Macquarie, specializing anti-ageing and laser treatments.

For more information about anti-ageing treatments in Port Macquarie visit www.cosmetictransformationretreat.com.au

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Shelley Laing

Shelley Laing was born in New Zealand, left at two to live in Fiji for an idyllic childhood sailing and snorkeling around the islands. After independence the family moved to Australia where Shelley attended high school in Atherton. In 1984 Shelley attended The French Beauty School in Cremorne on Military Rd for a year with the principle Magauy Ruby. The first week of class nobody could understand a word of her French accent. Shelley then returned to Cairns and worked at the Edge Hill Beauty salon for some years. Then later moved to the Gold Coast and worked at Looks Beauty clinic on Caville Ave beautifying all the Gold Coast socialites. Shelley married and moved to the stunning location of Port Macquarie, raised a son and returned to the Beauty Industry when lasers where used that made a significant difference to skin rejuvenation, she worked at a laser clinic until they sold and then set up her own starting from a room in a friends audio clinic. Seven years on Shelley has a beautifully appointed Medi Spa and laser clinic in the main street of Port Macquarie, working with Restoration Medicine offering a wide range of cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments.

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