UPDATED 7:12PM 9th July 2020. As Australia eases COVID-19 restrictions, cosmetic physicians and patients have welcomed the reopening of clinic doors. And for a while, these clinics were reporting a high demand for appointments. So what’s the latest with the Covid-19 Impact on Clinics and Cosmetic Enhancements.

And then there was Victoria…

Victoria’s surge in new Covid-19 cases (as at July 9) just confirms what we know. Until there’s a vaccine (or treatments) this global virus is going nowhere. The virus has a way of finding the smallest cracks in our society and once community transmission takes hold, the only protection we have is lockdown. 

victoria lockdown

Victoria goes into lockdown again!

So once again, the great state of Victoria now finds itself set back – and that means the areas facing Stage 3 restrictions are Greater Metro Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. The rest of Victoria has not had any increase in restrictions. The personal services that have had to close are beauty therapy, spray-tanning, nail salons, spa and massage services (but excluding therapeutic and remedial massage), tattoo and piercing services.  We can only hope the state manages to control this outbreak and it doesn’t spread to other states. We live in precarious times, but there is still no better, safer or more sensible country than Australia to be during this pandemic, and for that, we should all be grateful.

Pretty much previous info is outdated now! Or that’s how it feels to us!


Initial Busy Period at Clinics, Now Slowing

“That initial busy period for most clinics around the country was frantic, however strict COVID-19 guidelines limit the number of patients that can be seen each day,” said Dr Michael Molton, President of the CPCA.

“As a result, clinics are still well below seasonal averages and there are now signs of demand slowing too,” Dr Molton added. “The number of new patients is definitely down in most districts.”

This is now obviously a different case in Victoria, where all elective treatments are now halted for at least six weeks. For Victorian aesthetic businesses this is a nightmare because the Covid-19 Impact on Clinics and Cosmetic Enhancements could possibly mean closure for many businesses.


The Bare Minimum Treatments and At Home Treatments on The Rise

“Established patients appear to be opting for the bare minimum to get them through, although at-home treatments have risen sharply so many clinics are reporting a rise in product sales, but not enough to compensate for in- house procedures.”

“We will know more as time goes by, but we are certainly not seeing any boom right now,” said Dr Michael Molton, President of the CPCA. “Thankfully, Job Keeper has meant that we have been able to look after our procedural staff during lock-down, otherwise we would now be looking at a serious skill-shortage too.”

I’m guessing a lot of this has to do with our own self-esteem during this pandemic as well.


A More Natural Look, is ‘Not a Bad Thing’

“What we have noticed is that the tide seems to be turning towards patients seeking a more natural look with their procedures. The lockdown has forced many to embrace the natural – from grey hair to seeing what their faces actually look like and this is certainly not a bad thing,” Dr Molton continued.

The CPCA are also happy to see clinics and patients working together to ensure a smooth transition adapting to the new protocols.


Clinics and Patients Working Together to Ensure Safety First

“Our patients have been incredibly accommodating with the new protocols that we all have to adhere to including changes to booking procedures, patient temperature checks, social distancing and extra attention to sanitisation.

“We are medical clinics, used to infection control procedures, however our patients are appreciative of us implementing these very strict new COVID-related protocols. Our uppermost priority is, and always has been, patient health and safety and our patients are grateful about this now, more than ever,” said Dr Molton.

Stay Safe

All we can add is stay safe people, we are not out of the woods yet!

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