Imagine looking down and seeing how the results of a potential treatment would look. Sounds futuristic? Well not anymore because a new virtual reality technology is making life-like visualisation of potential treatment outcomes an actual reality.

Distributed in Australia by High Tech Medical, Crisalix is a visualisation technology that allows patients to see what they might look like after treatments for the breast (eg. enlargements, lifts, reductions, fat transfer, etc), body (eg. Liposuction of the stomach, butt and thighs, etc) or face (rhinoplasty or facelifts, etc.). The system has most major treatments and products loaded to allow your doctor to create a virtual model of how your results will potentially look.

The Crisalix consultation starts with your doctor taking a 3D scan of the body area you are considering having treated. While this sounds complicated the amazing Crisalix scanning system completes this highly complex task in seconds. With the 3D scan loaded in the system you can sit down with your doctor and talk through what you are considering. Your doctor takes this information and uses the software to create one or a couple of 3D simulations to show how the results may look. Once this is completed the fun really begins.

When you put on the virtual reality goggles you are transported to a virtual room where you are surrounded 5 mirrors. You can turn to look directly into each of these mirrors and see your new look. While you are doing this your doctor can change between any of the 3D simulations they created for you, for example, two different sizes of breast implants so you can see which size or profile looks right to you.

Look down and to your amazement you will your new set of breasts right there. It is so realistic patients often reach their hands up trying to touch them. Some of the Crisalix recordings of patient reactions to seeing their potential new breasts are priceless.

An added feature your doctor can show you is how you might look when moving into different positions. For example you can see a simulation of how your breasts might look when you are lying down or when leaning forward. You can even see how your breasts might move when you are exercising! You can also see a simulation of how you could look in clothes or underwear.

After you and your doctor agree on what you want to achieve the final 3D model is instantly loaded to your own private online Crisalix account. You can show your closest friends what you are thinking and get their opinion. Alternatively, you can choose to post it anonymously on the Crisalix forum and get the opinions of other Crisalix patients. If you are really brave you can even post it to social media!

While all of this sounds fun, the serious benefit that Crisalix delivers is the opportunity for patients to make better decisions and have their expectations set realistically before undergoing an important and potentially life-changing event. And the research on this is backing up the value of the Crisalix system with 97% of patients satisfied with their 3D versus reality, 98% recommending Crisalix to their friends and, most importantly, 99% of patients being happy with the end result of their surgery.

If you are considering surgery a visit to a Crisalix clinic is something to make part of your decision making process. Alternatively, if you are not quite ready to visit a clinic you can go to the Crisalix website use their online system where you can upload three photos of yourself from different angles and within a few minutes the system will allow you to run your own simulations. While it can’t replace the in-depth advice you receive sitting across the table from an experienced surgeon it can be a great education tool if you are early on in your decision-making process.

So if you are wanting to improve your plastic surgery decision-making and jump in the virtual world of the 21st century visit or contact us at [email protected] to find your nearest Crisalix clinic.

Crisalix for Patients from Crisalix on Vimeo.

Crisalix Surgeon-patient short from Crisalix on Vimeo.

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