We all love a good facial. Cleansing, exfoliating, relaxing… what’s not to like? There’s a huge range of different facials and skin treatments on offer nowadays, but Face Plus Medispa in Sydney have taken it one step further and offer customised facials that are totally in tune with what you and your skin needs.

What is a customised facial?

For a start, each of us are different and so have a unique skin makeup. That means our skin has different needs to get it looking its best. Face Plus Medispa say their dermal therapists carefully assess each and every client’s skin before any facial treatment. If you are new to Face Plus, their dermal therapists sit down with you for a 30 minute skin assessment prior to any treatment. During this assessment your therapist will review your skin concerns, current regime, lifestyle, diet, hormones, vitamins and any other environmental factors what can impact your skin. This lays the groundwork for the treatment that they choose to perform. Only this month, they have decided to take this bespoke service one step further and are offering customised HydroPeptide facials. Face Plus say “Each HydroPeptide facial follows an 8 step process, however, each step is tailored to your skin’s needs so that no two facials are ever the same. If you have sluggish, unresponsive skin, suffer from some seasonal dehydration right through to severe acne and sensitivity, our bespoke Hydropeptide facial treatment can help you.”

So, what is HydroPeptide?

HydroPeptide is a range of cosmeceuticals only available through clinics such as Face Plus Medispa, and contain all the good stuff for your skin including, you guessed it… powerful peptides and botanicals to detoxify, rejuvenate, rehydrate, restore and lift your skin. The beauty of the range is that it can be mixed and matched to address exactly what your skin needs.

Face Plus say the demand for customised facials to suit every skin variable was overwhelming. “Our clients asked and we listened. Everyone’s skin type is different, with each client reacting differently to our treatment menu. We use a comprehensive and active professional skincare range that is specifically designed to be mixed and matched to suit even the most delicate of skin types. We found that some of our clients were coming in for the same herbal hydra peel months apart and seeing very different results. This is because the skin is a living organ and changes constantly based on internal and external factors. A herbal hydra peel may be great during Winter when the skin is lacking hydration, however, might not yield as effective a result in the warmer months. During a bespoke treatment you might keep the cleanser the same but advance to a more active peptide mask than you had the facial before. This playfulness is a therapists paradise. It also keeps the client constantly engaged and excited for each treatment.

Winter is a great time to treat your skin

Face Plus Medispa offer a huge range of treatments to complement any facial and to help you achieve your skin goals.

One of their more popular is the Herbal Aktiv Peel which provides a thorough exfoliation of dead skin cells that can really improve the appearance of ageing skin. Face Plus also say winter is the best time of the year to address any skin issues and have treatments such as this peel. “The cold weather allows your skin to heal faster. During the warmer months it takes longer for your skin to heal from more invasive and deep activating treatments as we are faced with environmental factors such as heat and strong UV rays. Treatments such as the Herbal Active Peel cause your face to feel flushed therefore the cooling temperature creates a much more pleasant experience during the 5 day downtime. That is why offer 15% off this incredible and natural skin rejuvenation treatment for all of Winter (June 1st-August 31st 2018).”

You might also want to take advantage of FacePlus Medispa’s current 3 for 2 Laser Genesis special at their Bondi Beach and Bankstown clinic.

Full face is $395. Package is $790. Save $395
Full face & décolletage is $650. Package is $1300. Save $650

Face Plus Medispa has three locations – Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction and Bankstown. To find out more about their huge range of treatments visit their website, or you can phone them on:

Phone (02) 8897 0078

Phone (02) 8897 0077

Phone (02) 8897 005


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