Cutera devices game changer

Crystal Patel from the Clinica Lase Clinics in Victoria

We spoke to Crystal Patel from Clinica Lase in Ballarat and Carlton in Victoria at the Cosmedicon conference 2019 about the Cutera devices they have in their clinic. Crystal explains how they went from their first Cutera device to now owning seven of them, and how it all came about. Crystal explains how she loves the Cutera devices for not only being the most well-engineered devices but for the results they get for their patients. Crystal says the Excel V and the EnLighten in particular have been game changers for their clinics.

Cutera devices are recognised as being leaders in the aesthetics industry. Their precise and advanced technology means they get the results patients want. Their devices range in their treatments from skin rejuvenation to treating specific skin conditions, and laser hair removal to tattoo removal. To see more about the Cutera devices and see some amazing before and after photos check out the blogs below.

Clinica Lase are also known for being results-orientated clinics. Their patients are loyal and for good reason. To see what treatments they offer or to find out more check out their website.

Cutera devices game changer

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Cutera devices game changer

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