Trish: I’m here today with Mark Collins and Mark is from and we are going to talk about a device on the market which is called truSculpt which is a radio frequency system to reduce fat so it’s pretty exciting. Thanks Mark.

Mark Collins: Thank you.

Trish: Tell us a bit about it Mark.

Mark Collins: Okay so it’s Cutera’s device for body sculpting. We can treat fat on any area of the body including the stomach, under the chin, the arms, knees, anywhere you want. It uses monopolar radiofrequency. That’s the key. We get down into the fat tissue and it’s going to give programmed cell death. Over time those fat cells are removed and then you’ve got a nice even, tidy result. It’s usually a series of treatments – between two and three for most areas. We are removing a portion each time.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: The treatment as I said before is radiofrequency but it’s monopolar so we are getting down deep. It’s got a special coating on the hand pieces so that the radio frequency is evenly distributed. It’s very, very tolerable to have.

Trish: It takes two to three treatments?

Mark Collins: Yes that’s correct.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: Two to three treatments.

Trish: How far apart?

Mark Collins: About a month apart for each treatment.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: After that then the programmed cell death that is occurring is going to take around about two months or so to give you your final result from each treatment.

Trish: Fantastic. With the neck bit, is that tightening as well or just the fatty necks?

Mark Collins: Okay so there is a little bit of anecdotal tightening. We haven’t researched the product specifically for skin tightening but we are not seeing anyone with flabby skin after their treatments.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: I’ve had it. I’ve actually had three treatments on me and I’ve got a nice amount of definition through here. The double chin that I had is basically gone.

Trish: Yep.

Mark Collins: No flabby skin.

Trish: No.

Mark Collins: No.

Trish: How old are you again?

Mark Collins: Close to 50.

Trish: Not flabby skin here. With the areas, like how long does a treatment take?

Mark Collins: Okay so if you were treating the entire abdomen, that is probably around about half an hour.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: It’s very fast procedure. Radiofrequency because it’s heating, there is a speeding up of the requirement of the metabolism but the body can’t keep up with that oxygen supply so those cells get damaged very quickly as opposed to doing it with a cold sculpting approach which takes like an hour for one area.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: The other benefit of truSculpt is you can treat an entire abdomen rather than just sections of the abdomen at a time.

Trish: Right so the procedure takes about half an hour to do, is that right?

Mark Collins: That’s correct.

Trish: You do it about two to three times?

Mark Collins: Yeah two to three times just depending on how much adipose tissue or fat that you want to have removed; but you can treat areas where they are uneven as well so you can go back and do double pulses in those areas if you need a little bit more on one section of the area that is being treated.

Trish: How much gap between each session?

Mark Collins: Around about four weeks.

Trish: Okay so about a month between.

Mark Collins: About a month apart yeah.

Trish: All right. Okay so if you are getting married say for example and you wanted to reduce your thighs, you could do it three months before your wedding or four months before your wedding so you’ve got … Because your body will lose fat after you’ve had the treatment as well is that right?

Mark Collins: That’s correct yes. On the day of the treatment we’ve done enough damage to the cells that the macrophage system moves in and starts taking away those damaged cells.

Trish: Okay.

Mark Collins: You do need a bit of time so approximately four months before your special event, the fat cells that have been damaged will be permanently removed. There is always obviously some cells left that are viable. You don’t want to take away all of the fat cells anyway. You want just a reduction of that area. If you took away all of it you would look very unnatural.

Trish: Sure.

Mark Collins: You’ve got to have just some of it there.

Trish: All right great. Awesome.

Mark Collins: Thank you.

Trish: Well if it’s something that you might be interested and you want to find out who is a practice that can do this procedure near you, drop us an email at or give us a call. Thank you Mark.

Mark Collins: Thank you Trish.

Trish: Thanks a lot.


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