Still having a lazy time. Pretty excited when I think it’s day 14 and I’m almost half way to the end of my 30 days.  Doesn’t seem that far away really!

So I’m trying to refocus my mind, get myself a bit of determination, find some self-control in the depths of my brain matter, and keep on this path I’ve set myself.  Not sure why my motivation has waned, perhaps I just need a bit of “ME” time, or just allow myself to suffer these bouts of non-motivation. Whatever, I’m still going, and that’s what really matters, eh?!

Coffee withdrawal maybe? No, I’m having at least 1 coffee a day.  Perhaps Soy milk withdrawal?  Mmmm this could be it!! – I’ve heard lots of weird and wonderful things about soy milk.  No matter whether it’s good or bad, I love a soy flat white.  So I managed to contact THE Mrs Boyer today, the actual creators of this wonderful life-changing diet that I have commenced.  I really needed to know if I am able to have a cup of soy milk per day.  This is what I have decided that I need, so I really want it.  Guess what? Yes I AM allowed a cup of soy, so off I had to my fave coffee shop in Byron Bay “One One One” and yippppeeee, Sam’s doing the coffee!!  They have wondered where I’ve been because they haven’t seen me for a while (well I’m trying to avoid the coffee shop guys!), well actually I’ve still been in there everyday, just having a long black, short black, herbal tea – anything other than what I really love – SOY FLAT WHITE.  I’m just about frothing at the mouth thinking about it.

I’ve been scouring the internet looking through some wholefood and rawfood sites, looking for what could be my ‘holy grail’ to satisfy this insatiable chocolate urge now.  Bingo! Some of you lovely readers of this blog have inundated me with healthy guilt-free chocolate recipes.  So I’m going to share this one with you.  I made a batch of it tonight, and I’ve eaten the lot (so much for “one piece should satisfy you” – not me David Ryan, I had to have the lot!).

raw guilt free chocolate

2 tablespoons of each avocado, raw cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut oil.  Mix together, and if you need it sweeter or firmer or softer or whatever, just add extra of whichever ingredient you think it needs.  I put them in some miniature cup cake patty pans, in the fridge for about ½ hour, and then in the belly in about ½ a minute!  Gawd they were great! Loved it! Feeling happy, have a smile on my face, and haven’t swayed (at least in my mind – coz I’m not counting quantity here!).  I will admit that I did share a couple with Ruth while we were watching The Biggest Loser Finale.

Ahhhh think I’ll be up early in the morning for that much needed walk.  I feel at peace with myself ……. OMMMMMmmmmmmmm


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