I can’t believe I’m actually half way there.  This is the point where you either give up or keep going isn’t it?  Feeling a bit elated because I’m half way there, but on the other hand feeling a bit OMG I’ve still got another 2 weeks.

I’ve lost just over 2kg and my goal was 4 (I think it might have been 6 but I’m always striving for the maximum possible outcome!) but in reality if I can lose another 2kg in the next 2 weeks I will extremely happy.

Had my usual PT session with my fellow dieter Fiona – she’s lost 5kg already!  That’s an amazing effort.  I can see such a difference in her – she’s looking more vibrant and she seems to have shed a layer of ‘baggage’ that was weighing her down.  She looked amazing today, you can tell when someone is eating wholesome nutritious clean food.  She’s loving the ‘eat less more often’ rule as she says “I’m not hungry”.  Goes to show how important it is not to let ourselves get hungry.  I think we’re grazers.  Or at least I know I am.  I’m sure our descendants had lots of little ‘meals’ around, meze plates, bread, cheese, salami (well my descendants were the salami eaters!).

Well there’s my rant, but I was in awe of her today, it’s funny how you can see changes in others but not necessarily in yourself.  Although if I think about it I am getting comments from my friends that I’m looking great.  I brush it off (being shy & all!), but taking compliments is something that might need to be learned.  Having said that our trainer took our measurements today, I lost 9cm’s and Fi lost 15!!  Impressive!!  Without doing anything too excessive really.

Managed to ‘dodge another ball’ tonight for dinner at the Suffo – $10 schnitzel night.  Ordered a small serve of fish with veggies on the side – no chips.  Didn’t have any bevi’s – except the 3 glasses of mineral water with lime. Feeling that virtuousness again.

So my goal for the upcoming weekend – dodge a few more balls while socialising, get a couple of walks in, maybe a game of golf.  Of course this is all depending on the rain …..


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