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So how did I miss a day?  I think I just started working on a time schedule and somehow I’ve worked out the right time to sit down and share my thoughts.  So somehow I’ve missed a day, but I haven’t really if you know what I mean??!! Actually that makes no sense at all, sorry!

Well it’s like just got over hump day – Day 17 – we are well into the next level.

I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms for my favourite food place in Byron.  Naked Treaties – it’s a raw food bar that serves the most amazing smoothies with nut milk, coconut, fruit, greens, amazing stuff.  So I indulged this morning and had a smoothie called “I AM BEAUTIFUL” .  This is not part of my diet, I repeat – NOT PART OF MY DIET – but I know that I needed it so I had it.  It was just that,


I actually felt beautiful drinking it.  It was a great way to start my Friday.

Had a wonderful nutritious day, coffee, and Friday night drinks and dinner with a group of workmates.  More temptation!  Actually it wasn’t too bad as the food was tapas style, so it’s not too obvious coz they’re shared meals.  Managed to refrain from the salt & pepper squid, pizza, prawn and chorizo skewers, chips, wine, Hendrix (or is it henricks?).  I was extremely impressed with Fiona she was amazing!  No alcohol, bit of calamari, no wine, still social and having fun – she’s a legend!  Me, well I had to stop and buy chocolate on the way home. Dark Chocolate (as if that’s any consolation!), but at least it’s better than a cadbury’s or something!  Oh and I did have about two tablespoons of an absolutely superb red wine.  Yes I did, Green’s Organic

That’s it, I’m gonna be as strict as anything tomorrow, nothing ‘illegal’ is going to pass my lips.  I’m taking a friend shopping for a makeover so I’m looking at it as a workout.  Oh, and I’m going to the gym in the morning to do a boxing class with Ruth.

Here we go again …..


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