What a weekend!

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I’m convinced that to seriously stick to this diet, you need to STOP socialising every weekend!  It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a weekend.  I’ve barely been able to lift my head up for a breath of air! Started with Friday night drinks with the work crew – this was not easy! I ended up having nothing to eat, 2 coffee’s, and copious amounts of mineral water with fresh lime.  By the time I got home (nice & early, about 8pm) I was STARVING!  Even the chocolate didn’t help! I ate way too much in one sitting – mmmmm this goes back to what I’ve already discovered – if I let myself get too hungry I will just eat whatever I can find, and way too much of it.

Saturday was also jam packed – managed to get a boxing session in with Ruth in the morning (thank goodness for that!).  Then I took a girlfriend shopping for a much needed makeover.  She really needed it, and seriously it’s amazing what a new haircut, makeup, shoes and clothes can do for a woman.  Bridget has been working ridiculously hard for the last few years and never spent any time or money on herself.  Her whole life was being affected.  Well, she is looking like a new woman, sounding like a new woman and seems to have gained a whole new lease on life (yes really, one shopping trip!).  The trip was fraught with food danger.  I started my day with the usual coffee.  Boiled egg for breakfast, veggie juice, and headed to the Gold Coast to shop.  Well everything was fine until it was lunchtime.  Mmmmm what to eat?  Seriously, what is there to eat at a shopping centre that is wholesome, healthy, fills you up, and means you haven’t strayed?  Nothing, absolutely nothing!  That’s what I discovered.  So what did I do?  Well thought maybe I’ll drink coffee till I get back home.  Guess where I got my coffee?  Max Brennar – and I resisted all chocolate temptation. By the 2nd coffee I’d had enough.  So back to the food court I go.  The only salads available had copious amounts of high fat dressing, but I managed to find a boiled egg – thank you Sumo Salad!  Phew, something to see me through.  So the moral of my story? Well back to the 6 P’s – proper prior planning prevents poor performance!  Gee I wish I could remember this stuff I’m learning and actually put it into practice ALL the time – I guess that’s what this 30 days Is all about.

Sunday was spent leisurely lolling around.  Had a delicious brekkie with my Bruce, then off to the shops to buy ingredients for the big Sunday cookup.  This seems to be a great weekly ritual that seems to set me on the path to a good start of the week.  Bit disappointed no exercise today, but seriously I couldn’t be bothered.  Brutally honest, but true!

Ah well, tomorrow is day 20, only 10 more days to go after that.  Wow, the last phase of the diet starts day after tomorrow.  I can’t believe I’ve managed to make it so far!  Well actually I can, but it’s not been easy.

Bumped into the lady at our local store today who has been reading my blog (Hi Shaz!), and she made comment that she made some good choices at the pub last night – she just had soup and no butter on her bread roll – she said it’s the small things that add up and make a big difference – so true!  Thanks Shaz, you’ve motivated me to start my week with a B-A-N-G.

Focus, focus, focus!


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