Yayyyyy I managed to get back on the wagon!  It’s pretty powerful when you can see yourself falling over and YOU DO manage to pick yourself up again – it’s so much easier just to keep falling.  I’m so glad I’m back on the straight and narrow.  Gawd, it’s only a few more days, so it’s not really that hard, and I definitely want to finish with a BANG, not a flop!

Quite proud of myself for getting back on the wagon with such vengeance.  Arrived back home safely to Byron Bay in the middle of a heavy rainstorm, and straight into being ‘good’ again.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that if you are planning on doing something like this, don’t set yourself up for failure by having plans to go away or anything like that (mind you I didn’t plan the going away, it just came up!).  I believe that to be successful on the program you need to be close to home, or at least have access to a kitchen and the time to be able to prepare your meals.  Back to the old adage – proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

Having said that – if you do go ‘off the wagon’ be accepting of that, and be prepared to get back ‘on the wagon’ as soon as possible.  And definitely DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT!  We are all human, things happen, moods change, obstacles arise – just take each day as it comes.  So today I’ve been quite motivated and had a nice big run (I am sooooo NOT a runner!), but I figured I need to do something to ‘shake things up’ and I also wanted to make sure that I lose any weight that I might have put on during my trip to Sydney (ie licorice and chocolate binges!).  At least I didn’t drink any alcohol.  MMMmmmmm actually I did have a cocktail or two!  I’m choosing to forget about that.

So today I got up first thing this morning off to my fave coffee shop in Byron Bay – coffee with friends.  Ahhhhh it’s good to be home again.  From there straight to the shops and stocked up on the good stuff – veggies.  Back home and cooked up a huge veggie and bean soup.  So good to have handy, because if you’re hungry and there’s some yummy food, that’s what you’re gonna eat.  If you’re hungry and there’s nothing wholesome and healthy available, if you’re like me you’re gonna go straight for the ‘crap’.  Mind you I try not to have any crap in my fridge and cupboards, because I know what I’m like – I have very little willpower if there’s something there and I’m hungry, I’m just gonna eat it and think of the consequences later (or not think of them at all!).

vegetable and bean soup

They will probably drink loads and loads of wine I’m sure.  Well I’m off to the shop to get some sparkling water to add lemon to.  Oh, I will be drinking out of a wine glass though!  Wish me luck!!


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