They say that a waxing moon (building up to a full moon) is a great time to make powerful positive changes in your life. Well with the biggest supermoon ever happening on the 23rd June this year, NOW is the perfect time to change something in your life that’s not working for you.

Perfect timing I say, I have 1 day left on my 30 day challenge and I’m so ready because I’ve started to adopt some great new strategies so that the positive changes I am making (and probably will continue to make new ones) are going to be ingrained in my mind.  My strategies are going on the back of my toilet door, that way I will see them every morning when I get up, and every evening before I go to sleep.

The weather hasn’t been the best in Byron Bay the last couple of days, so it’s been difficult to keep motivated to just ‘get up and go’ out to do some exercise.  I’ve spent a bit of time in my lounge room doing the obligatory lunges, crunches, situps and stretching.  I figure that’s going to make me feel better for not actually getting my heart rate up for the last couple of days.  Funny how for me my exercise and food ‘life’ is like a roller-coaster – motivated one day, not so motivated the next – I wonder if others are like this, or is it just me.  So as they say “Make hay while the sun shines”, so I need to get out there and pound the pavement when I think to myself that I should (provided it’s not raining of course – wouldn’t want to get my hair wet!).

I’ve been enjoying not having to cook because I’ve prepared everything the day or 2 before.  It’s probably a habit I will adopt.  Nothing nicer than needing to eat something and it’s already in the fridge, chopped up and ready to go.  All you need to do is add a bit of salt, oil, put it on a plate a voile – good to eat.  That’s been one of the nicest things.  Another habit (especially with winter upon us) is to make up a big batch of veggie soup for a few days.  This has been one of my favourite things – you feel hungry, look in the fridge and there’s a big batch of soup that takes about 3 minutes to warm up.  Delicious!  I would have to say that this has probably been my lifesaver.  I know how I feel when I’m really hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge, so you either get out the loaf of bread and start cooking up toast after toast after toast – you know the drill!  Well this ‘soup in the fridge’ caper kinda fixes that problem!  It’s been fantastic.

Well tomorrow is the last day – can’t wait to get on those scales and see the final result.  Mmmmm am I going to be happy with it??

Oh yeah, here’s a couple more strategies –

  • New Life Strategy #3 – Drink 1 glass of water every 2 hours I’m awake.
  • New Life Strategy #4 – DO NOT BUY CHOCOLATE (Unless it is fair trade)


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