Me a llllloooonnngggg time ago! Me NOW!

Well it is definitely cause to celebrate!  My 30 days are complete!  Wow, what a trip!! I’m finally in the 60’s!! Pretty damn excited with my final results.  Won’t be doing our measure up until Thursday, but my weight results are in.  In the same breath I’m also a bit disappointed with my efforts too, because I KNOW I could have done a whole lot better, but ‘life’ just kinda happened around my 30 days and although I started with the best of intentions, it got a bit crazy just over the half way mark and I never really managed to get quite as ‘back on track’ as I was at the beginning. My weight loss motivation levels seemed to go up and down as time progressed. One morning my weight loss motivation was high, the next it was low.  Weird??!!

So my final results in my weight loss calculator –

  • Start weight – 72.9kg
  • Finish weight – 68.4kg
  • Total weight loss for 30 days = 4.5kg
  • Total % of weight loss  6.17%
  • BMI = 25.74 (my BMI is found by using the weight loss calculator or just go to the weightloss tab on the main page to find the BMI weight loss calculator

Doesn’t sound much, but then it sounds good too.  I think I’ve spent way too long watching “Biggest Loser” because I’m expecting those ‘big numbers’, but when you are pretty close to your goal weight the numbers are going to be pretty low.  Having said that “The End” for me is actually not going to be ‘the end’.  I’ve got 6 new life strategies that I totally believe if I can ingrain them into my daily doings, I will continue to slowly reduce on the scales to reach what would be an ideal weight for me – which I’m presuming my body has the innate knowledge to do.  I think if you are following a perfectly balanced eating regime for your body, you will get to what is your perfect constitutional weight.  Based on this, I’m presuming my body will just automatically get me down to around about 65kgs over the next 6 months, provided I stop the bingeing, and stick to a few basic daily rules – what I’ve chosen to call my “New Life Strategies”.

I’ll be continuing my blogs because this is definitely a life journey for me.  I’ll also keep the planning up because it all comes back to what you put in your mouth, so I need to plan my weight loss meals.

When I look at my before and after pics it really hits home because I actually had no idea of how big I actually was.  And the funny thing is I think once you’ve been “BIG” it’s really hard to let that picture of yourself go, you always tend to think you’re a BIG person.  Then you see a photo of yourself “Before” and you realise just how much weight you’ve lost!  Wow, that’s huge!  In fact I have looked at photos of myself now and think “OMG look how thin I am!”  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s so true.

So stay tuned on this channel, coz there’s a whole lot more to come.

PS – Fiona lost over 6kgs!  She’s decided to stay on the program for another 7 days because she had 3 days off in between – LEGEND!!


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