Opened my eyes, the sun’s out and thinking I should probably get a nice big walk in (make up for my lounging yesterday).

Day Eleven - 30 day Boyer Weightloss - Talk About Peer Pressure!OMG wait, it’s WEIGH IN DAY!!  Yeuuuuwww.  Ok I know I’ve done a weigh in too early, but oh well, s…t happens, I’m so ready.  So I’ve pottered around enough now, time to get naked and get on those scales.   Drum roll …… eyes closed, jump on the scale, and …. WOW!!  I can’t believe it!! I jump off and on again, and YES seems to be real – I’m 68.8kg!! WT??!!  that’s like 4kg’s in 11 days.  I must have been eating a whole pile of crap before I started this for there to be that much weight loss so far.  Pretty stoked!  Makes the whole (almost torturous) process worthwhile!

So 2 coffees down already and I’m excited and hyped-up to keep going.  For Mother’s Day this year I got a 2 hour pamper at the “Buddha Gardens Day Spa” from my wonderful children.  So the sun is out, figured I may as well walk there (about 6kms), so off I head, backpack & sunnies on.  Headed out, about half way there got stuck in the middle of a sudden downpour of rain.  Bummed about not making it the whole 6km’s but at least I got a bit of a walk in. The 2 hour pamper was amazing, I’m feeling like there’s less of me physically, more of me mentally.

Saturday night social dramas for me again.  Have a birthday dinner at Milk & Honey (an amazing place in Mullumbimby), complete with wood-fire oven.  I’m a bit anxious, coz I don’t want to be unsocial, but at the same time I don’t want to come off the rails – I mean it’s only 30 days!  I wanna stick to this!!  So there’s 8 of us for dinner, I need to be pretty careful what I’m eating here.  We shared entrees which was good coz I just nibbled on some roasted capsicum, olives, tomato and basil.  Main course? Well it’s a pizza restaurant, so it’s pizza all round.  No not me of course, I ordered myself a leafy green salad with olive oil & lemon, with a double side of anchovies (yes that’s my fish & salad modification).  This became a fair challenge, coz there was so much peer pressure tonight!  My diet seemed to be a big focus, and comments were flying “come on just a bite”, “go on just try some, it’ll be ok”.  I couldn’t believe it when Bruce even said “it’s delicious just have a bite”.  So much for support eh?  I think sometimes it’s more challenging for others when you’re on a diet.  So much peer pressure!  But I thought, no, I’m not going to cave in.  So I stayed on my mineral water, fish & salad.

At least until the cake came out …..  You haven’t seen a cake like this before, it had like a chocolate crumble base, it was chocolate cake, then topped with a meringue.  Well this was when the pressure REALLY started.  “You have to have a small piece, it’s the birthday cake” “oh go on, it’s not going to kill you” “you can start again tomorrow”.  I was going to explode!  The fight or flight in me kicked in, the adrenaline started coursing through me. Seriously I could feel my heart beat rising.  I though STUFF IT! I’m gonna have some.  So I shared about 1/3 of the piece Bruce had. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m so pissed off with myself!  Then I decided no I’m not pissed off with myself, I’m just doing what most would have done.  So what? Bad luck! Who cares!  Back on the bandwagon tomorrow.  At least I didn’t have any wine!


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