Great injectors are always busy, and they also treat things that you might not imagine! Ella Price from Jade Cosmetic Clinic won our Queensland’s Favourite Injector Award 2018, so we had a chat with Ella to find out what wonderful things she does with her day, and how she helps patients with a range of things – it’s not all cosmetic!

Ella Price

Trish: Hey, everyone. Welcome again to Transforming Bodies, plastic surgery stories with myself. Today, I’m actually speaking to the lovely Ella Price.

Now, Ella Price is an RN. She’s a nurse injector, and she’s located up in Cairns, isn’t it?

Ella Price: Yes, all the way up north.

Trish: Awesome. At the Jade Cosmetic Clinic.

Ella Price: Yeah.

Trish: So, welcome.

Ella Price: Thank you.

Trish: Thanks for joining us today.

Ella Price: A pleasure.

Trish: What we’re going to talk to about today, like, I know that you … Good injectors are always really, really busy.

Ella Price: Yes.

Trish: I thought today I might have a bit of a chat about a day in the life of an injector, so just kind of talk about the things that you treat and things that you do. Because I didn’t realise myself, but just recently, I had … because I’m a really bad teeth-grinder and I have been …

Ella Price: Yes, it’s amazing.

Trish: Oh, and to the point where I was just getting really bad headaches. Especially when something stressful happens, the headaches just get worse, and I’ve discovered that you can get injections in your jaw for that.

Ella Price: Yes, and it’s so successful, too.

Trish: Yeah, and it led to thinking, “Oh, my God, where else can you have it done?”

Ella Price: Yes, exactly.

Trish: So I thought I’d just have a chat with you about, well, what you do in a day. But, first of all, tell us about your clinic. How long has Jade Cosmetic Clinic been open and what do you guys do?

Ella Price: Jade Cosmetic Clinic has been open for about 10 to 12 years now. It was probably the first cosmetic clinic up in North Queensland to open. We specialise now in mainly cosmetic injectables. Then, our other side is also skin treatments, IPL, medical-grade skin care, and that sort of stuff, so, yeah, it’s quite fun.

Trish: Great. So it’s the place to be if you want to look good.

Ella Price: Yes, I like to think so.

Trish: All right. Awesome. Tell us a bit about the treatments that are on offer. Say, for example, I know that there’s different ages and groups want different things, but let’s start from the older lady and men. I could be so gender-racist sometimes. Let’s talk about the older woman, such as myself, because then I can actually relate a little bit …

Ella Price: Sure.

Trish: … or my own experiences. A lot of people they get into their 40s or 50s and think, “Oh, my God, I need to get something done.” Or having thought of it for years before, and then, they realised that, “Oh, hang on, I need a bit of help. I’m feeling like I look a little bit haggard. What can I get done?” For someone like that, and I know it’s going to depend on you seeing them, but what would kind of be on offer for them?

Ella Price: Well, I found that with our older clientele it’s definitely a slow-and-steady approach. A lot of the time, when I see them in clinic, initially, it’s been a long time coming, so it’s something that they will have thought about for a long time. They’re often fairly, without sounding rude, uneducated in terms of cosmetic injectables, so a lot of the time, they don’t really know the difference between anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. A lot of times they believe a lot the myths about it being harmful and long-term effects and things like that.

A lot of the time with my older clients, when they come in, it’s a lot of consultations, so a lot of client education. Then, I tend to find that I’ll just be guided by what they’re telling me. A lot of the time with the older clients they’ll mention words like, “I’m feeling tired, I feel like I look tired, I feel like I look saggy.” Then, we talk about, “Okay, where were those characteristics coming from?” So I’m very much guided by what they’re telling me. A lot of the time with the older clients as well, they’re very, very wary of anything looking like it’s been done. A lot of the time, they don’t to want to tell friends and family that they’re having anything done. They just want to look nice and fresh.

A lot of the time, we sort of dip our toe in the water initially, so we might look at doing something like a frown treatment, or treating crows feet or something like that. Then, once they’re feeling confident within their treatments and they can see that the results can look really nice and natural, then it’s sort of a slow progression from there.

A lot of the time, when they’re feeling like they’re looking tired or they’re feeling saggy, a lot of the time we’re looking at dermal filler treatments, and it’s very much a full facial approach. So often what I’ll do is talk to them about the ageing process so they can understand why they’re looking the way they are. Then, from understanding the ageing process, then we can sort of formulate a plan for them. But, yeah, as I said, it’s very much slow and steady with those sort of clients.

Trish: It makes so much sense because like I hear all the time, I get people around my age and older, sometimes even younger saying, “Oh, I really need some Anti-wrinkle injections around my lips.” Oh, no, that’s not what you don’t want because otherwise …

Ella Price: Yes, exactly.

Trish: … the Anti-wrinkle injections is a muscle relaxant, whereas what they might be thinking is they need a bit of filler around the lips, something to increase the collagen to kind of plump them out a little bit.

Ella Price: Yes, exactly.

Trish: If someone came to you like that, so it wouldn’t just be about injectables for you, would it?

Ella Price: No.

Trish: So you might know that you give them a dermal, like some sort of a laser treatment maybe, or …

Ella Price: Yeah. That sort of comes into when we’re discussing the ageing process, but also comes into discussing not only volume loss and muscle activity, but also skin. A lot of the time, especially up in the North, clients a quite sun-damaged, so definitely discussing skin. So often the first things we’ll do is get them on some good quality skin care, definitely discussing sun protection, that sort of stuff, and then, again, a slow and steady approach into treating their skin.

We, unfortunately, don’t have a laser at our clinic so often I’ll start them off with really depending on how they present, but things like our Dermapen skin needling or IPL treatments with intense pulse light.

Trish: Like the Dermapen treatments.

Ella Price: It’s fantastic.

Trish: I totally agree. I remember years ago, the first thing I ever had done was actually a treatment done with both similar to a Derma pen and I still love them. It’s sort of the best thing to just get that little bit of-

Ella Price: It’s Fantastic.

Trish: … plump up, yeah.

Ella Price: Yes, and especially with those clients that are really wary about using any sort of anti-wrinkle treatments or dermal fillers, because they’re sort of scared about the result, and all that sort of stuff, a Derma pen is often a great way to start because they sort of have the perception that it’s all natural. They don’t using any ingredients. It’s just a needling device on their skin, sort of doing it’s own thing.

Trish: Yeah, you’re right. It is a good way for them to start and realise that, hey, beauty is a bit of pain and it gets them-

Ella Price: Yeah, exactly.

Trish: All right.

Ella Price: I always joke, “Anything that works, hurts.”

Trish: That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that. I might need it one of my posts this week. Anything that works, hurts.

Ella Price: Exactly.

Trish: So still with the old demographics, so you’ve got skin care is probably the most important thing to look at.

Ella Price: Yeah. Otherwise, I feel like if they’re not interested in treating their skin and are now only looking at injectables it’s almost like working with your hands tied behind your back if the canvas on the top isn’t in good quality it’s really hard to get them good results.

Trish: Yeah, totally true, I totally agree with that cause it’s all about the foundation first.

Ella Price: Exactly, yeah.

Trish: You get them on a good skin care routine and you can take them through that whole process. So it’s kind of like a … What I liken it to is you’ve kind of gotta find, it’s like when you go to get your nails done, so you find the clinic that you wanna go to to help you to get your … Not anti-aging, it’s probably the wrong thing to say, but just to keep your rejuvenation looking good, so align your-

Ella Price: I always liken it to the dentist. I always liken it to it’s like if you’re not using your active ingredients every single day, it’s like not brushing your teeth every single day, but then going to the dentist every six months to have a professional clean or just to have your fillings done.

Trish: Yeah. Yeah, no, it’s like a-

Ella Price: They just go hand in hand.

Trish: Yeah. I guess with someone as well who had perhaps been smoking for a while and had lines up there, you probably wouldn’t put a heap in, you’d probably start little bit slow with the older lady.

Ella Price: Yes absolutely. Yeah, getting their skin in really good condition first.

Trish: Awesome. It’s so sad to me that, you know, I’m thinking over 40 I’m thinking older, it’s just like crazy, but anyway. Alright so let’s move down a couple of generations and going through the younger ladies and men.

Ella Price: Yes. Yep

Trish: So what sort of treatments are you doing for the younger ones?

Ella Price: The younger ones are interesting and I find with our clinic in particular, I work very closely with my mum, who is of course the older generation, so a lot of our older clients will go and see mum, and a lot of the younger generation will come and see me. So it’s definitely a growing sort of age demographic and seeing both male and females. They’re an interesting age bracket to treat because they’re unlike the older generation. They’re really, well I think they’re very well educated on both the anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, and often they’ll come in and they know exactly what they want. They think they know exactly how it’s going to be delivered. Often they have quite high expectations and often they’re coming through looking at like the latest trends. So a lot of clients are coming through looking for lips, looking for cheek augmentation, chins are becoming really popular lately. And with our fat dissolving injections now, there’s a lot of clients coming through looking at dissolving that sort of double chin and getting a really nice crisp jawline.

Trish: Oh I’ve seen some incredible results. I mean-

Ella Price: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Trish: It’s true, like if something does bother you these days there is an option out there to sort of … There possibly is an option out there to actually help you with that, you don’t have to kind of, you know, people just don’t realise that.

Ella Price: Yeah, and it’s such a common concern, and often it can be genetic. Like I see a lot of clients that within an ideal weight range but genetically they just carry a little bit of tissue there and often it’s something they’re really self-conscious of. So to know that they can have a non-invasive treatment with permanent results …

Trish: Oh totally.

Ella Price: Yeah.

Trish: So share with me like day. Cause I’ve rung you a few times cause you just recently won one of our awards for best injector Queensland 2018.

Ella Price: Yes that was very exciting.

Trish: Yeah, that was inspired by our community, so that was really nice. So of course I’ve tried to ring you and you’re always always busy, so give me your day. Like so what times of the day do you start?

Ella Price: So I see my first client at 9:30. So I’ll generally be in at work at 9 a.m. and I usually check all my emails, get all the clinicals set up and ready to go. So that when our first client comes through the door I can see them right on 9:30. And my day often is just a mix of new consultations and also seeing existing clients for both anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. And now our fat dissolving injections are quite popular now too.

Trish: Say if someone comes to you for the first time, how much is a consultation? How long does it take?

Ella Price: So we really value our consultation process. We actually offer it free of charge and we like to schedule quite a long period of time. So with our consultation process, the client comes through and we like to consult over a table rather than on a treatment bed. And the client comes through and often we’ll talk about both anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections. Talk about the foundations of those, so what are they, how do they work, their safety profile, that sort of thing. And then I’ll usually gauge what they’re wanting to know, so some clients will come in and they wanna know absolutely everything that’s on offer, which is exciting to me cause they get, you know, we go through our full facial consultation and we talk about every single option that they’ve got, and they love that. And then often we’ll formulate a plan from there.

Some clients are a lot more hesitant, so they’ll come through and same sort of thing, we talk about all the products that we use and how they all work and that sort of stuff and you sort gauge that potentially going through a full facial consultation with them is going to be a little bit overwhelming for them and so generally from there I’ll talk to them about what are their goals of treatment, what are they wanting to achieve, and then talk about how we begin from there. And often with those clients, once you do your initial treatment and they feel like they’ve got their trust in you, then they’re a lot more willing to hear about all of their possible treatment options going forward.

Trish: I like that idea myself because it can be really intimidating-

Ella Price: Yeah, definitely.

Trish: Yeah, going somewhere for the first time. And it’s nice to just sit down and see what’s on offer and then I’m thinking what happens, cause I’ve done this myself and I’ve been with a few friends that have done it, then they can just say, okay, well maybe I will just start with a little bit of, you know-

Ella Price: Yes, exactly.

Trish: -Anti-wrinkle in my forehead and just see how it goes, and people will see, kind of get a taste for it and-

Ella Price: Yeah, definitely.

Trish: Do you have any … Of course you people that come to you on a regular basis, but is that a real set regular, cause I know for myself I sort of don’t think of anything and then about six months later, I look and it’s like, “Oh my god, I need to do something right now.” Is that how it happens or are you guys a bit more structured, like do you pre-book people in, or-

Ella Price: A lot of clients vary. So you do get your clients that you’ll see before a special event and then the majority of our clients we tend to see every four to six months. So often our clients will pre-book when they leave their treatment or often when they leave their review, so anytime a client has a treatment we always see them for a review. And often when they leave their review they’ll say, “Okay, so when do I need to look at this again.” So with our dermal filler treatments we often review them every six months so we’ll get them back in six months time and then with our anti-wrinkle treatments generally we’ll see them in three to four months time. So often they will re-book, so yeah, it’s great, cause you get a really nice sort of client relationship with them as well.

Trish: Yeah, of course, of course. And so just to get it clear, so if anybody wants to come and see you and see what you’re about, feel comfortable with you, they can come in, book a free consultation, it can take anywhere from like-

Ella Price: Anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

Trish: Yeah, right, okay. So it’s good, cause they can come in and see what you’ve got on offer, feel comfortable with you, they might even choose to have a peel or something like that.

Ella Price: Yes, exactly, yeah.

Trish: Alright, alright, that’s been really helpful. Now if you had to have one take away, like if you could, you know, cause it is really hard for people to kind of take that first step, but if there was one take away you could give to listeners today, if you’re thinking, oh maybe I might need to go and visit a clinic or speak to someone about having something done. If there’s one take away that you could give to them, like what would that be, just a bit of advice about safety and choosing the right practitioner and how to work out who is right for you, like if you’ve got something that you can sort of give us as a bit of a-

Ella Price: Yeah, I think it’s definitely … I think a lot of people forget with these treatments, and it is a medical treatment, so it is definitely worth doing your research on. I think it’s definitely worth going somewhere that does a thorough consultation with you before proceeding with treatment, and going somewhere and just making sure that you do feel completely comfortable with someone before proceeding, and weather that means that you go and see five or six clinics before you decide to proceed with the treatment. I think it’s definitely worth it, the consultation process is so important.

Trish: Yeah, I totally agree. And you know what, and if I can add to that just something that you said there made me think, and sometimes it’s about the expectations like, someone who says that they can create miracles, you wanna kind of think, Oh, hang on, hang on a minute, like you know, cause it’s probably, you know, to err on the side of caution as to how much is actually achievable as well.

Ella Price: Yes, definitely.

Trish: Awesome, well thank you so much.

Ella Price: Pleasure.

Trish: I really appreciate your time, Ella, today, cause I know you’re really busy, and we blocked out this 40 minutes so we’re … Our time is just about up after all of our setup so that’s been-

Ella Price: Beautiful.

Trish: -really awesome and it’s good to get a bit of a snapshot into the life of what an injector does, so basically-

Ella Price: That was great to chat, thank you.

Trish: Yeah, our pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Ella Price: Pleasure.

Trish: So, this is if you’re up in the area surrounding Cairns up and around there. I definitely suggest going check out Jade Cosmetic Clinic. You can catch up with Ella or anyone else there that can help you as well. So you can get their details online, google them, otherwise drop us an email to So thanks a lot for joining us today, Ella.

Ella Price: Pleasure, thank you.

Trish: No worries, have a good one. Bye.

Ella Price: You too, see you later.


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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