Benefits of an outpatient day surgery

An outpatient day surgery means you have the surgery and then return to your own home the same day for recovery. The benefits include:

  • Being able to recover in your own home, in your own bed, with your own comforts and family/support (no visiting hours to work around – you can have your family/friends visit you at any time);
  • Privacy – you don’t have to share a room or have the sounds, smells, lights and be surrounded by the general busyness and activity of a hospital;
  • Reduced risk of wound infection and complications such as deep vein thrombosis;
  • Savings on the cost of a hospital stay – outpatient day surgery usually has lower fees, especially when you consider you won’t be staying overnight;
  • Usually you have more focussed and intimate care due to the smaller environment. Hospitals have potentially hundreds of patients they need to care for, with emergencies that can often take away from your care.

Dr Allan Kalus from Avenue Plastic Surgery reminds us it is important to ensure that when you are considering a surgeon, you confirm that the facility they operate in is fully accredited and equipped to handle emergencies. You should choose a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, as well as one who operates out of quality facilities.

Surgeons at Avenue Plastic Surgery operate out of Windsor Private Hospital. Windsor Private Hospital have a two new, fully equipped operating theatres, recovery suites and the latest equipment to offer their patients the highest standard of care. Mr Kalus says, “Windsor Private Hospital is no ordinary office surgery suite but a fully functioning Private Hospital with the very latest equipment for the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia. Avenue Plastic Surgery is situated adjacent to Windsor Private Hospital which has a reputation for excellence in Plastic Surgery. Our close ties with the hospital and proximity to their facilities mean we are able effectively to provide safe outpatient day procedures, and are suitably equipped to mitigate risk of complication. The Hospital has been in operation for over 25 years and consistently reports extremely low rates of infection (zero hospital acquired infections in the last 12 months) and other surgical complications.”

Dr Kalus says while they favour day surgery with the many benefits that it offers, they also allow patients to stay overnight in the comfort of their private hospital suites, especially if they are visiting from interstate, or if they feel more comfortable in a hospital environment, especially for the first night after the surgery. However, he also says that most patients love the advantages of being able to return home after their procedure. “It is the widespread understanding of medical professionals that day surgery also significantly reduces stress and anxiety patients may feel when undergoing surgery. Reducing the time spent away from home greatly adds to the comfort and convenience of the experience, and allows our patients to recover in all the comforts of their own space, with the support of their loved ones.”

Aftercare and Recovery

You might be worried that your aftercare and recovery might not be as thorough if you were at home. Dr Kalus says with the right plastic surgeon this is not an issue and in fact, being at home can fast track your recovery. “Avenue Plastic Surgery is committed to your peace of mind through the entire journey – this means we provide full and regular support throughout your recovery, with regular visits including a follow up visit the morning after surgery. We also include LED light therapy treatments in your recovery plan to minimise the appearance of any scarring. Most of our patients return to normal activity after just three days.”

Dr Kalus also says that he and his staff make themselves available for you to phone them at any time in the days, weeks and month after surgery. Your wellbeing, recovery and results are their priority and they are renowned for their extremely thorough aftercare.

If you’d like to find out more about Dr Allan Kalus or Avenue Plastic Surgery, you can give them a call on (03) 9521 1777.


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