There are several advantages to having day surgery and not having to head to a hospital for your procedure. Mr Allan Kalus, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from Avenue Plastic Surgery in Victoria, operates out of their fully equipped private hospital/clinic and whilst they do offer overnight stays for those who feel more comfortable to do so or for those travelling interstate, or for those where it might be recommended, the majority of their patients undergo Day Surgery.

Avenue Plastic Surgery were one of Australia’s first Day Surgery centres to be accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and have been operating for over 25 years. They have a fully equipped operating theatre, recovery suites and the latest equipment to offer their patients the highest standard of care. Mr Kalus says, “We are no ordinary office surgery suite but a fully functioning Private Hospital with the very latest equipment for the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia.”

Many well-respected Australian plastic surgeons (and indeed, many listed on our website) operate out of their private clinics with hospital grade equipment or better, and are able to deal with any situation just like in a hospital. This is not to be confused with cosmetic clinics who are offering cosmetic procedures without appropriate facilities to deal with emergencies (as you may have become aware of during all the recent media coverage on dodge cosmetic clinics).

The team at Avenue Plastic Surgery

The team at Avenue Plastic Surgery

Advantages of Day Surgery

  • Access to the comforts of home during your recovery;
  • Privacy;
  • Ability to tailor your recovery to your own schedule, including unlimited visiting hours by your support team and family (less time away from those you love);
  • Less chance of complications that occur in hospital such as wound infection or deep vein thrombosis;
  • Cheaper than having to factor in the hospital stay in your costings.

Avenue Plastic Surgery are able to offer day surgery for many of their patients due to their innovative minimally invasive surgery techniques. Mr Kalus says, “I specialise in minimally invasive surgery in order to minimise visible scarring and the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. Using technically precise surgical techniques, I am also able to achieve the most satisfying aesthetic results with a rapid recovery.”

Mr Kalus and his team are at the forefront of the latest plastic and aesthetic surgery techniques and have patient safety and comfort their first priority. Mr Kalus says, “My surgical team and I have developed a revolutionary approach to patient care that enables patients undergoing procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift surgery, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty to return home safely the same day as surgery. At other clinics, patients often spend several days in hospital recovering from their surgery. However, our pioneering day surgery system means that our patients are pain free, nausea free and mobile by the afternoon. We use the most advanced surgical and anaesthetic techniques to minimise your post-operative discomfort and to make your recovery as easy and rapid as possible.”

So, as you can see, there is definitely some really compelling reasons why you might want to consider day surgery over having your procedure in a hospital. If you would like more information on Mr Allan Kalus or Avenue Plastic Surgery click here, or phone them directly on 03 9521 1777 to arrange a consult.


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