Way too cold to get out of bed this morning.  I would have been more than happy just to keep snuggling and not even get up!  During this snuggle time I did make an executive decision that today will be a day of rest for me (exercise rest that is).  Feeling extremely happy about this, I am now ready to start my day.

me and my coconut brain

Feeling a bit anxious about not having any scales in my bathroom – I’ve discovered that I tend to keep a track of my weight on a daily basis (or every 2 days at least!.  Probably not a great idea, but I am having withdrawal symptoms coz the scales are nowhere to be found!  Seems weird, but this is kinda stressing me out. My head is starting to fill up with self-doubt saying thinks like  “am I still losing weight”, “I’m eating too much”, “need to exercise more”.  Looks like there’s a whole lot more i need to do with the head stuff as well.  I need to remain confident, focussed, less stressed, and remember it’s not a competition, and really there’s no time frame for this, I just need to BE! And I need to trust in the process – Gawd glad I got that off my chest!

Extremely glad that I’ve prepared my meals for today already, coz I’m pretty sure if I had to prepare food today I’d be struggling with my motivation to do. Or at least my motivation to prepare something as lean and clean and I have already done.

All in all a pretty quiet day diet wise, busy working way too hard, actually using that as an excuse not to exercise at the moment.  Avoiding phone calls to just in case it’s someone wanting to go on a walk – mmmmm is this normal?  I know once I get started on exercise for the day I’m Ok, but not for me today! I’m honouring my body and doing what I think it wants today – NOTHING!

To add insult to injury I have this insatiable urge for chocolate once again.  I’m starting to worry about my serious addiction to chocolate now.  I have been reading articles about Cacao and the wonderful healing orgasmic powers it has.  I am going to dedicate the next few evenings to hunter gather as much information as I can and come up with a guilt-free chocolate I can make for myself that will satiate me.  On that, I’m off to the kitchen!  Ahhhh thank goodness for coconuts – the food of the gods!!


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