Ok so it’s Sunday, day of rest.  Think I might cook up a few dishes to keep me going for the first couple of days of the week. That way there’s no excuse.  I figure if I start the week well, it will continue.

But first things first, need to get a decent walk in.  Was gonna try and get a solid 12km walk in, but the weather is not looking great, so decided to give that a miss (good excuse eh!).  So I meet the girls at Espressohead coffee shop and up the lighthouse we go.  Got a good solid one hour walk in, and as I’ve shared before walking with my girlfriends is no mean feat, they are like lightning, quick, brisk, relentless!  Phew, glad that’s over with first thing in the morning. Followed by my usual coffee (oh by the way I only had three today), then back home for brekkie and a big weekly cookup.

Cooked up a feast today, enough for the next two days meals.  What’s on the menu? Well I made up a veggie soup with chick peas (this will keep me warm & full), a Lentil Shephard pie (OMG it’s delicious!), home-made hommus, and a crunchy salad.  Feeling good, now I have no excuse to fall off the bandwagon!

So I noticed today that Bruce has hidden the scales again.  Probably a good idea, I can become ridiculously OCD when they are around.  Don’t know why?  There was a time when I didn’t even weigh or care about what weight I was.  Albeit I was about 120kg at the time!  Living in denial, not really caring, or perhaps too scared to care?

I’m pretty confident that this will be my ‘last diet’ and from here on in, once this is over I will be at my goal weight and I will just need to maintain myself.  So I WILL be able to go out and have a binge here and there, and I WILL be able to forgive myself for it, and I WILL continue on the path of clean healthy living – that’s my goal for the rest of my life.

Bring on this week.  BTW, here’s a pic of me when I was about 115kg.


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