Dermal Needling – also known as dermarolling, collagen induction therapy, Dry Tattooing and Intradermabrasion.

Dermal needling first started in the 1900’s and has been perfected to its sole purpose which is to diminish skin wrinkles and lines as well as acne scarring, acne depressions and pigmentation.

The procedure uses numerous needles to penetrate the skin vertically in a criss cross motion. This piercing stimulates a natural healing response in the skin – this promotes the skin to produce more collagen cells, leaving the skin feeling and looking softer, tighter without the downtime affects of laser. Though you do need to bear in mind that dermal needling will leave the skin surface slightly red for a few days after the procedure.

Although it sounds like this procedure would hurt with needles and all it doesn’t really at all. Some patients have said it just feels like a tiny prick but nothing too uncomfortable. Most practitioners will use a numbing cream and it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes per procedure.

The most important thing to note when going through with this procedure is having a trained professional perform it.

If you would like more of a run down on how exactly this procedure works click here.


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