There are a range of treatments, procedures and beauty products on the market nowadays but one we keep hearing about this week is the Dermamelan offered at Medical Skin Clinic in Torquay, Victoria. Always at the forefront of the latest skin treatments and trends, Medical Skin Clinic are one of the first clinics in Australia to offer this treatment. It is said to not only brighten and even out your skin tone, but can also treat more stubborn skin conditions such as melasma, chloasma and lentigo which can be triggered by hormones at various stages of your life as well as over exposure to the sun. We spoke with Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker about why they, and their patients, are absolutely loving the Dermamelan treatment for beautiful skin.

What does the Dermamelan treatment involve?

The Dermamelan treatment works by targeting and then reducing or eliminating any skin blemishes caused by pigmentation (melanic). It actually inhibits the melanogenesis process, effectively paralysing melanin production. In a nutshell, it gets rid of the discoloured spots on your face to make you brighter, clearer and more vibrant and glowing skin. Dr Caroline says, “I have always been disappointed by pigmentation treatments, they never quite live up to what they promise, but dermamelan is different, finally a product that gives results.”

Dr Caroline say their dermamelan pack is a combination of clinic based treatments and home treatments to get the best results. The clinic based treatments need to be done by a doctor. The overall treatment includes:

  1. Oil removing solution (Salon Treatment | Cleans and exfoliates the skin initially)
  2. Dermamelan mask (Salon Treatment | Initial mask)
  3. Maintenance cream (Home Treatment)
  4. Melan recovery (Home Care)
  5. Hydrating moisturiser with sun protection (Home Care)

Dr Caroline says there is a strict home care element to the treatment that has to be followed rigorously to get the best results, but patients who follow the instructions are amazed with the results. “Price can initially seem a lot but in the long run it works out cheaper than other methods and results are better. Dermamelan is flying off our shelves as it’s one of the only treatments I trust to treat melasma and results are fantastic. It’s my number one choice for pigmentation and melasma. It treats what we can see and cannot see and works on whatever shade of pigment is present, even light pigment that laser often cannot get.”

The Process

The application process only takes about 30 minutes and is pain free. After the application the patient is required to leave the mask on for 4-6 hours (Medical Skin Clinic say they advise based on each patient), the patient is not required to stay at the clinic during this time. The mask is a brown colour (it looks similar to a mud mask), so the patient may want to stay inside for the day. After the 4-6 hours is up all the patient needs to so is wash of the mask and resume the home care maintenance. The home care helps to continue the depigmentation process over the next few months. All the homecare is included in the price of the treatment.


While the mask in so the patient may experience a slight warmth. Once removed the patient’s skin may feel hot, sensitive and have some redness. Over the few weeks the patient may experience swelling, redness, tightness, peeling (some patients experience quite a lot of peeling) and tender to touch. Once the peeling has ceased the skin will start to calm down, and the redness will fade. It is important that the patient continues the homecare throughout the downtime and the next couple of months for the best results.

The Dermamelan mask and formulas have a range of ingredients specially formulated from both vegetable and chemical origins to get the best and most effective actions and results including vitamins with high antioxidants, vegetable extracts, sunblock filters to neutralise UV rays, exfoliants, embellishing agents to equalise skin tone and promote luminosity and more.

The Dermamelan treatment is suitable for just about every skin type and Dr Caroline says their patients are absolutely loving the treatment and word-of-mouth is doing the talking for them. To find out more contact Medical Skin Clinic on (03) 5261 6171.


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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