We all know there’s different quality of treatments whether it’s plastic surgery, fillers, injectables or dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is taking off as the hottest treatment of 2018 but what training does your practitioner have? Riana Janse van Rensberg of Dermaplane Pro Australia was at the recent Sydney Beauty Expo with one of the most popular stands there, and we had a chat to her about why Dermaplane Pro practitioners have the edge.

Dermaplane Pro Training and Technique

Riana says there’s a few differences between Dermaplane Pro and other dermaplaning treatments. “My training and technique is different in that I teach my students all theory, practical and product knowledge applicable to Dermaplaning from the anatomy of the skin to the chemistry composition of the products including the penetration properties of the ingredients. I fully explain the difference between shaving and dermaplaning including the tools used to achieve superior results.”


Dermaplane Pro patient results

Talking about the tools, what is it about Dermaplane Pro that makes them superior to other comparable tools and treatments? Riana says it’s all about quality. “I’m always getting really positive feedback about the quality of my blades in relation to blades they bought from other suppliers. The quality of the blades lies is in the design. The “Butter-blade” is patent by the creator of Dermaplaning. The blades design is unique and delivers precision every time. Clients receive superior results every time with no scratching, scarring, cutting, bleeding or burning. Clients are impressed with Vellus hair removal, and understand why it is not just a shaving tool.”

Riana with her ABIA18 Hall of Fame trophy

Riana says she chatted with dozens of therapists at the Sydney Beauty Expo and all the feedback was the same. “They feel that they were misinformed by their other trainers! DermaplanePro strives in quality delivery every time. We specialise in dermal skin care. We don’t train unqualified people and we don’t sell cheap blades. A minimum qualification is Diploma in Beauty or equivalent. We train nurses and doctors too.”

Dermaplane Pro have suppliers and trainers in WA, South Australia, ACT and NSW. They will also be available in other states as well. Riana says, “We are busy setting up suppliers and trainers in Victoria and QLD and schools in every state.”

Riana recently won the ABIA 18 Hall of Fame award for her outstanding contribution to the aesthetics and beauty industry, and to society through her other endeavours.

For more information on Dermaplane Pro and dermaplaning you can please contact Riana on 02 6166 2265 or email: ihccentre@gmail.com.


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