I have very, very oily skin and very open pores which means they clog up, and I also have what’s called a cauliflower nose. If you squeeze it gets wormy things coming out! People used to say you’re lucky you won’t get wrinkles but it gets clogged up to the point where you can feel it. Makeup looks awful. I perspire profusely. It’s not nice.

I first went to Riana from Dermaplane Pro after I saw an ad in the local paper. I’ve now been going to her for about 4 years and she was the one who suggested Dermaplane Pro for this skin of mine.

I have it every season. I’m an outdoor person – sun, pool, beach, in the cold… I’m always outside, walking the dogs and your face does suffer. I can feel the little blackheads sitting on the top. Dermaplane Pro cleans those and takes the dead skin off. It always feels fresher and looks 100% better. Over the last 4 years, I have 3-4 a year and my skin has improved 95%.

I had wrinkles like a ventriloquist doll – they were like the grand canyon! Now they’re superficial. That’s the biggest change.

Hormonally Fuzzy!

I’m fuzzy – I’m 67 and I’m hormonally fuzzy and hairy! My dermaplaning treatments take all that off and I look younger, I feel younger, my skin feels healthier. All the acne scars I had as a teenager are gone. I used to get those horrible little white lumps and I just realised I haven’t had them for about a year. They don’t come up under the skin like blind pimples anymore which is great. I had them everywhere. I used to get them on my neck as well. My skin is a lot less oily. I feel like a lizard shedding my skin with the seasons.

Dermaplane Pro Treatment

The Dermaplane Pro Treatment

It feels like somebody is scrubbing your face, totally pain free. It has even taken off some of the skin cancers form my sunbaking. I have one left but the others never came back.

You know when you need it again, because you can feel the oily glands in the pores of your skin (usually under the eyes and oily areas) you can feel the lumps where they’re full and they really need to be taken off and it’s quite noticeable.

My massage therapist who also used to do my facial care looked at me and said what have you done? Then she had it done and she felt really well as well.

I think it’s important to have someone you trust and I the years that I’ve known Riana she’s always getting qualifications to keep up-to-date. She also makes suggestions, which I love. I don’t wear any makeup now. Sometimes I get my eyelashes dyed, and that’s it.

Treatment takes about half an hour. No downtime. I come out feeling smoother and Riana puts on this beautiful cream afterwards. It’s soft and gentle like velvet so you feel totally pampered even though you’re getting something healthy done – everyone thinks you get something done and it’s going to hurt – but this doesn’t. I don’t get any numbing cream for it at all. I’ve had it done and gone out and sunbaked straight away! Been naughty but it was fine.

I’m off to Africa soon and I’ll have another one done when I get back because I’ll be out in the dirt and the dust and off camping, so I can only imagine what that will do to my face, so I look forward to having it when I come back.

I used to do horrible things to get the layers off my face, even use the silky mitts for hair removal on my face. Terrible things – and it wasn’t to remove the hair… I was trying to take the skin off. Even nail files, I’ve been known to use that. It was so lumpy and greasy and horrible I just wanted to take the layers off and now I’ve found someone to do it for me at an inexpensive price.

My advice is to shop around, go by word of mouth.

I think it’s one of those things people should try – try it once, see what you think. I think it would suit anybody. And it takes all that soft baby stuff off too. No more embarrassment when your hairdresser shaves your sideburns!

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Dermaplane Pro Treatment

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Dermaplane Pro Treatment

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