Trish: Ok so we’re here today with Tara from Embody Beauty, distributor of the Dermatude device which is the non-surgical facelift that sells in the market at the moment. So thanks Tara for taking the time today.

Tara: Thanks Trish no worries at all.

Trish: I’ve got a couple of questions from our readers today about the Dermatude device. Can you give us a bit of description of how Dermatude Meta Therapy works and why it’s so successful?

Tara: Meta Therapy is a medical or aesthetical tissue activation. So basically by using our Dermatude Meta-Jet FX50 machine with a digital face and hand piece and our needle modules, we can activate our natural collagen elastine bond making micro-perforations into the skin.

Trish: Ok, so basically the treatment is all over the face and neck?

Tara: Neck and dec as well, I guess.

Trish: Ok, great. Can you tell us a bit about the needles?

Tara: So basically, we have in our range, 4 needles which is great because you can target other areas like deep and fine wrinkles. We also have a 38 needle on the market now which is great for body treatments so we can do stretchmarks. A lot of girls are doing stretchmarks in salon with those.

Trish: So people with stretchmarks on the body and you can use the 38 needle and that will treat that as well. So it has gone from the face and body as well.

Tara: Yes. That’s very exciting.

Trish: Ok. And with Dermatude it’s said to be, you call it a 100% natural skin improvement method. Can you tell us why and is this in fact safe for any skin types?

Tara: Yes. It is safe for everybody to use with the nails perforating the skin and making those fine incisions we can activate our collagen and elastine at the basal layer.

Trish: Ok so that’s how it works to stimulate collagen, makes it look better, improve the skin. Ok. Alright. Now, there’s external serum that you apply after the treatment as well. So…

Tara: Yes, the concentrated ingredients make them an emulsion serum, and we call them subjectables and they’re applied to the skin, so skin penetrable and this kind of needle piercing the skin goes in the skin as well.

Trish: Ok, alright. So that just basically helps the product to go in a deeper level.

Tara: Yes.

Trish: Alright. And now one of the things that intrigued me was this Stem Cell Reactivator. Can you tell us a little bit of that one?

Tara: They just have retail products. So we also have a facial range that comes with this Dermatude machine. So full facial range in salon we can use and take home products as well.

Trish: Great. So you’ve got the opportunity of buying products that go with the treatment that they just had.

Tara: Yes.

Trish: Ok, great. Now, if I was to go on course of treatments, how many treatments would it take for me to be able to see a result?

Tara: Ok, so you’ll see results instantly after having one treatment. However, it is recommended to have 8 treatments.

Trish: Ok, over?

Tara: Over about 2 to 3 months depending on the client, skin type, things like that.

Trish: I know it does work with one treatment because I actually had one. I loved it. The skin feels great.

Tara: Yes. Nice and plump.

Trish: Yes, exactly.

Tara: I also wanted to mention that we target treatments so if a client comes in with pigmentation, one of our subjectables is called pigmentation. So basically you can target your treatment. So we have pigmentation, hydration, Stem Cell, and lift.

Trish: Ok. So you can cover whole multitude of issues with the one device doing different setting, different treatments, different products?

Tara: Yes, and that’s why Dermatude has been so successful.

Trish: Ok. Fantastic.

Trish: Alright, how much are the treatments, roughly? I know you everyone charges a different price.

Tara: Yes. So in salons, most of the salons charge what they’re wanting – anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on what you add on. So with our fine needle and our deep wrinkle needle which is a nine point needle. We can add in salon, you can have your neck and deck as an “add on” to your facial. Or you can have the nine and seven as an “add on”.

Trish: So That depends on the individual.

Tara: That’s right.

Trish: And how long does a procedure take? Like is it in at lunch time or you’re gonna be left red and can you go back to work or…

Tara: No. So with Dermatude there is no downtime. There’s no anaesthetic put on the skin as well so you can walk straight into the salon, have a half hour treatment straight back out without downtime.

Trish: Ok, can you put makeup straight over once you have the treatment done?

Tara: No makeup for 24 hours.

Trish: Ok, alright. So you just walk out there with your virgin skin, sunblock and nothing for 24 hours.

Tara: Yes.

Trish: Ok, great. Are there side effects?

Tara: I haven’t seen any personally while working with Dermatude. I’m sure if you have an allergic reaction that would be something we’d be concerned about but no one on my watch has had have that.
Trish: Alright. So the only possible thing is just a little bit of redness.

Tara: Oh yes, you will have a little bit of redness on ought the day off the treatment.

Trish: Alright, great, awesome. One last question, we often warn our readers about making sure our practitioners have appropriate training on any device that’s being used. Do Dermatude Meta Therapy practitioners have to undergo any training before – you know – they go direct.

Tara: Yes. At Dermatude we’d like everyone to be trained so we have a diploma in Dermatude so we go out and teach everybody to use the machine correctly.

Trish: Excellent. So you can be sure that having a Dermatude Treatment you can be sure that people are being trained how to use the device properly.

Tara: That’s correct.

Trish: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for taking time to talk to us today.

Tara: Thank you for having me.

Trish: No worries. If you’ve got any questions or if you’re looking for a practitioner that offers Dermatude just drop us an email at If you are a practitioner looking for a device just also get in touch and we’ll put you on to these lovely people. Thank you so much.


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