One of the trends surgeons are predicting for 2016 is neck procedures. With the increased self awareness and exposure through social media, especially with the selfie fad not looking to slow any time soon, focus on the face and neck is only increasing. Whilst patients often have a focus on their face when identifying what procedures they do and don’t want, there are also a growing number of us concerned enough about our neck and jaw areas. As we age, necks tend to get a large number of deep creases, excess or drooping skin, banding or excess fat, and our jaws can start to droop causing a real jowl effect – the double chin. Contouring the neck can also help create a more defined jawline which can take years off our aged appearance. In fact, our neck area is often the earliest place to show signs of ageing.
Dr George Marcells
Dr George Marcells, Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon based at About Face in Bondi Junction Sydney, is one of the most experienced Australian surgeons to ask about what a difference a neck lift or jaw contouring can make. ”The deep plane Face and Neck lift is the gold standard for helping my patients erase signs of ageing and a Superior, more natural-looking result”

There are a few different procedures you can consider when looking at jaw and neck contouring surgery:


This is the least invasive procedure which usually involves a small cut below your chin to suction or remove excess fat in order to produce a more contoured neck. This procedure can also be used in conjunction with other procedures and indeed can often be the first step when getting a full neck lift.

Turkey NeckCervicoplasty

Cervicoplasty is to remove excess skin on the neck. It involves an incisions made under your chin and/or behind the ears. The skin is cut, lifted and tightened and then secured into place with sutures or adhesive glue.


A platysmaplasty reduces the banding that can occur around the neck. Banding occurs from muscular activity of the platysma muscle. Whilst some people have found Anti-wrinkle injections can assist with banding (it helps to relax the muscle), depending on the extent of the problem you may need more invasive surgery. This procedure involves incisions being made under the chin or behind the ears, or both. The surgeon removes a portion of specific neck muscles (not common); or realigns them, in turn tightening the middle of the neck – these muscles will be permanently sutured in order to hold them into position.

One of the procedures available is the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift, of which Dr Marcells is a pioneer and his skill in this particular lift is second to none. He tells us more about that here:

Deep plane Face and Neck lift

A deep-plane facelift involves the re-positioning of facial soft tissues that droop due to ageing. Because it is manipulating the deeper SMAS layer to achieve positive results, it’s unnecessary to put any tension on the skin.

  • Superior, more natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting benefits
  • Appropriate for a broader spectrum of patients in terms of age
  • Faster healing and few complications
  • No unsightly scarring

Dr Marcells says, “The deep plane Face and Neck lift is the most sophisticated procedure available today. By lifting and repositioning sagging soft tissue and adding volume back to the face. This is why it has won international acclaim from the cosmetic surgery community.

“I prefer the deep plane facelift to other techniques because it produces a natural appearance, and its results last longer. The deep plane face and neck lift technique repositions soft tissues below the SMAS layer, releasing them from the underlying muscles and reattaching them at higher anchor points. Deep plane techniques allow the whole face to be lifted, giving better definition to the jaw, neck and cheekbones.”


You will often have a chin strap for support to assist healing. It is estimated that you might need approximately one week to ten days off work and most people will be able to return to normal daily activities after this period. You may have some swelling and bruising but this should fully reside by 3 – 4 weeks.

So, if you are sick of wearing high necked shirts because you feel your neck is ageing you before you time, perhaps the neck lift is for you. As we always suggest, make sure you consult with a couple of surgeons to ensure you find one that is going to listen to your needs and you feel most comfortable with. It is always wise to choose a surgeon who has a wealth of experience in the procedure you want done, in order to achieve the best results possible.

If you would like more information about Neck Lifts go here, or if you would like more information on the highly skilled and recommended Dr Marcells go here, or phone him directly on to arrange for a consult.


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