Is it possible to have a facelift without surgery? And with absolutely no downtime and results that last up to two years – yes please! The new Doublo Lift has only just been become available in Australia, and it is the first Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved device for cosmetic high-intensity-focused-ultrasound (HIFU) treatment.

I was lucky enough to experience the Doublo Lift. I had seen the before and after photos and done the research and it’s definitely one of the most exciting new technologies to hit the Australian market.

I’m in my early fifties and I look after myself, so I look pretty good for my age, but Mr Gravity still has his ways as he does on all of us. The thing I hate the most is the area around my mid face and jaw line but until recently, the only option was a facelift. Well, I’m not ready for that – yet, but the good news is there are now real options. This use of ultrasound makes it possible to deliver energy precisely to where it is most needed, leaving the surface of the skin unaffected, so best of all – no downtime.

On a clean skin, the practitioner applies a cool gel on your face and moves the device over the desired area. In my case it was around the jaw line and mid face area and a little over my brows. This is because I also wanted to lift my brows a little which would also lift the upper eyelids, which in my case has drooped a little, not dramatically, but enough to notice when putting on eye make up, there simply wasn’t the same full eyelid I once had.

The sensation is strange – but not painful. There is a deep throb felt, so you know it is working on deep layers. But as a result, tighter and firmer skin can be achieved with no downtime.

The entire procedure took less than an hour. A quick wipe of the face and a dash of mineral make up, and I looked absolutely the same as when I walked in – only a little better. That is because there is an instant result, but that is simply a little swelling that wears off in a matter of hours.

The real results of the Doublo Lift kick in after 20 days, but can be more visibly noticeable and peak after about two months. The jaw line will be firmer and more youthful. The mid face area will be lifted and the dreaded droop will be alleviated.

Theoretically, the technology integrated in Doublo can be applied to skin surfaces all over the body. However, the facial area is the most common treated part of the body and has the most cumulated experience. As expected the Doublo Lift is most commonly requested for the upper-face, mid-face, lower-face and the upper neck.

And what is the verdict of the Doublo Lift? It is a great alternative to a facelift on many levels. It is a fraction of the cost and with absolutely no downtime, very little discomfort and long lasting results. What’s not to love!

Keep you eyes out for this one!


Tracey Hordern works as a journalist, editor and copywriter. Tracey has edited and written for newspapers, magazines, websites and books for the last twenty years. “Everything from The Australian newspaper to Green Pages, Australian Contemporary Design to Voyeur (Virgin Blue’s in-flight magazine) and The Plastic Surgery Hub.”

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