Dr Allan Kalus from Avenue Plastic Surgery in VIC was one of Australia’s first plastic surgeons to embrace fat transfer to the breast. He is at the forefront of the fat movement and uses the latest techniques and innovations to get the best results. I spoke to him at the 40th ASAPS conference earlier this year about this increasingly popular procedure.

Dr Allan Kalus: So we’re having a most interesting meeting here in Melbourne at the Grand Hyatt hotel and one area, one new area that’s been discussed has been fat transfer to the breast. And in my practice, this has been the fastest growing procedure over the last four years.

We are fortunate and privileged to be leaders in the field and we’ve done hundreds of cases now and it’s important for women to realise that there is now a totally natural alternative to breast implants. And we’ve long known that breast implants, although they’re great, they are associated with lots of problems, with capsular contracture, and scarring, even malposition, the latest problems of ALCL which is a lymphoma of the capsule. We’ve heard a lot about these problems and women having breast augmentation are all told these days that it’s not a lifetime procedure, they will need further surgery.

And I think that this has really stimulated the work to try to find a better way. And really, it’s now here and that is to use your own fat. It’s called breast augmentation by fat transfer. And what it means is we take fat from an area where perhaps you don’t need it like the hips or thighs or tummy and then after preparation, we craft it into the breast and then we grow the fat in the breast.

And this has been our latest innovation, once the fat’s there, and we have a way now of actually growing it. And what it means is that for women now who want to go up one cup size, even two cup sizes, we can do that quite naturally with fat and even go beyond that, if we’re able to grow the fat in the breast.

And as a surgeon working in the field, what I found is that fat is so much better than implants, the results are completely natural, the breasts feel completely soft. And we use the fat in a way that we can’t use implants because when you think about it, an implant is just a round or a shaped ball which sits in the middle of the breast.

But with fat, we can use it in the cleavage, in the upper pole and really mould the breast just the way we want it to be. We’re finding that a lot of women who would never have implants, often mothers with two or three children who breastfed, lost a bit of weight and they just don’t want the risk of the implants. And they find that by using the fat, this gives them a very nice, natural increase, makes them able to wear nicer clothes, they look better in a bra, better in a bikini, in a totally natural way.

There’s very little downside of the operation, there is a little bit of bruising in the area where we take the fat from. The breast is a bit swollen maybe for a couple of weeks but it’s much less traumatic than a breast augmentation operation. So we’re finding we’re operating a lot of women now in this age group, the young mums.

Also, a lot of women are having their implants removed and rather than have nothing there, we’re able to use a bit of fat and to give them a very nice breast. We’ve been having breast lifts, it’s a very nice adjunct to the lift, we can add a bit of volume at the same time as doing the lift. And even women who have got implants and want that implant look, the full upper pole, often they find that they’ve got a rather sharp cleavage so we’re able to put a bit of fat in the cleavage and add that to the implant to improve the look.

So very exciting and lots of applications for it. And it’s available now, even in women who are not large, we’ve done some women as low as 45 kilos, we’re still able to find a bit of fat in the hips, deep in the hips in the thighs and still gives them a size appropriate and augmentation, so very exciting.

To find out more about Dr Allan Kalus and Fat Transfer check out the blogs below, or to arrange a consultation or speak to his awesome team phone (03) 9521 1777.

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