(Building) on the success of last year’s symposium, which focused on Oculoplastic Surgery, the Facial Plastics Academy wanted to focus on Rhinoplasty this year. And once again we’ve gathered some of the best surgeons from around the world to come and share their experiences here in Sydney. A symposium like this gives us an opportunity to share information and learn from some of the world’s best and this ultimately has to lead in better results for the patients.

We’ve selected these surgeons based on their worldwide experience, their publications. And also we’ve travelled around the world going to many courses and listened to these doctors present and we think these are some of the best presenters who can both share the information and give detailed knowledge on their specialty.

Rhinoplasty is particularly important as it is one of the hardest operations to perform well. It is has been a big emphasis in the last few years on making sure the structure is right, and all of these surgeons are going to explain their ‘pearls’ or techniques on how to achieve reliable fantastic results.

Particularly we got Dr Dean Toriumi, he is one of the leading surgeons from the United States and he has a wealth of experience and has published books widely. He’s giving many talks but particularly there’s a one and a half hour talk on his 25 years of experience on Structural Grafting.

We have Enrico Robotti one of the best surgeons from Europe and he has an amazing talk explaining how he gets the tip position exactly perfect.

We’ve got Wolfgang Gubisch from Germany who’s a Master Surgeon of the nose and pays particular emphasis to its structure and getting the septum right.

We have Yong Ju Jang one of the leading surgeons from Korea giving his experience with Asian Rhinoplasty.

And we are very lucky to have Jonathan Sykes returning for the 3rd time. He’s been a leader in Rhinoplasty and a previous Past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastics.

We are also lucky to have Andrew Frankel one of the leading surgeons from Beverly Hills to give his experiences.

This year the symposium should be bigger and better than ever because for the first time we are actually co-badging it with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. And in particular, Peter Callan and I have worked tirelessly in the background to make sure that this is going to be a wonderful event.

AAFPS Masters Symposium 2015


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