We love following our Australian surgeons and keeping abreast of what they are doing, not just within Australia but on the international plastic surgery stage as well. Dr George Marcells has been over in South America, Brazil presenting and speaking at the 8th World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery from 11 – 14 May 2016. Some of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world get together to network, teach and discuss all the latest advanced aesthetic procedures and reconstructive techniques.

With Rhinoplasty being a core topic throughout the meet, Dr Marcells is a perfect surgeon to represent Australia as he is renowned for being one of our best rhinoplasty surgeons. Also celebrated for his Deep Plane Facelift technique, Dr Marcells presented on both subjects.

The World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery covers all things facial and every aspect of the specialty. With non-surgical lasers and light treatments becoming a permanent and important fixture in facial aesthetic enhancements, it too was a hot topic for discussion along with surgical.

Brazil certainly has a lot going on this year, with this meet and the Olympic Games coming up… the spotlight is certainly on them! We look forward to asking Dr Marcells about his trip to South America and finding out his thoughts on why the Congress has become such an important event on the Plastic Surgery conference circuit.

Dr George Marcells is based in Sydney and is known for his ability to bring harmony and balance to the face. He is considered a real artist and many of his referrals are from other specialists. Not only that, he’s a great guy. I recently visited him in Bondi Junction where he was in surgery. I managed to see him during a break and couldn’t help but grab a happy snap with him – check out the pic, talk about a smile!

If you would like more information on Dr Marcells you can visit his listing here, or check out his website here.


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