Dr George Marcells

Dr George Marcells

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Dr George Marcells, ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon based in Bondi, Sydney and I was able to grab him for a chat at the Masters Symposium on Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation in Sydney recently. The symposium was attended by 165 of the who’s who of the world’s best plastic surgeons.

All things blepharoplasty and facial rejuvenation, both surgical and non surgical were discussed and our Australian plastic surgeons proved why they are considered some of the best in the world. Dr Marcells agreed, “Folks have been of a very high calibre. And it’s been a lot of relatively new and very interesting information shared between all the specialties.”

Dr Marcells agreed that one of the highlights of the conference was Dr Bryan Mendelson, respected Australian Plastic Surgeon, who is a pioneer in the area of facial rejuvenation and understanding of facial anatomy. He said, “Over the past several years, I think even for more than 10 years, he’s (Dr Bryan Mendelson) been following up on studies that show where there’s bony loss around the orbit and eyebrow and mid-face area. And he’s been augmenting those with a coral bone hydroxyapatite that turned into the patient’s own bone over one to two years afterwards. And that’s, I think, been a fantastic advance in facial rejuvenation.”

Dr Marcells has some advice for us in trying to find the best surgeon or practitioner to do our surgery or treatment. “Eyelid surgery or brow surgery I think a surgeon has to be specialist. So, you know, I think if you’re a member of the facial plastic surgery group and you have an FRACS, or you’re a member of the Plastic Surgery Society, or an oculoplastic surgeon in this scenario, who are ophthalmologists but with extra ocular plastics training, then they’re the appropriate groups to be doing those surgeries.” We agree. You shouldn’t compromise on facial plastic surgery (or any surgery for that matter, but the face is an obvious part to get wrong!).

Brow Lifting – the Hot Topic

One of the things discussed at the symposium was the latest and most effective techniques being employed to get the best patient results. Dr Marcells tells us about brow lifting, which was definitely a hot topic at the symposium.

“It’s not a new surgery. But it’s a variation of an old surgery with newer concepts. And it’s to lift the brow more vertically and keep the natural arch to it. So I think a lot of the brow lifts these days, they concentrate on just a lateral pull and that can distort the shape of the eyebrow and change the way the person looks. Whereas if you lift everything a little more vertically you tend to keep the natural shape of the eyebrow so the patient doesn’t feel that they’ve changed appearance, just improved their natural appearance. And this is a very predictable surgery and it’s long-lasting.”

Dr Marcells said there’s no minimum age for someone considering this surgery. “I think this can be done at any age where the pathology’s there. So if someone, you know, has by inheritance, or you know, genetically just a very low brow and it doesn’t look good on them, makes them look tired or cranky or angry, then that’s a reasonable age. So there could be some people even as, you know, young as early 20’s may have that effect. I mean, I don’t think just a low brow is indication to have that surgery. If they have it and it makes them look tired or angry or upset then they’d be a good candidate for it.”

We’re going to talk to Dr Marcells more about brow lifting and the latest facial surgery techniques in the coming weeks so stay tuned! If you’d like to arrange a consult with Dr Marcells phone 1300 555 095 or to read more about him first check out the blogs below:

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