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Trish Hammond: Great, so I’m really excited I’m here today with Dr. Jayson Oates who is a cosmetic surgeon. He’s based in WA and he’s also based in Sydney. Today we’re going to have a talk about the CALIBRE Procedure. It’s the new one being bandied around and it’s all about male enhancement. I’m really excited to bring this topic to you because it’s one of … It’s a really big inquiry that we get from the guys so let’s have a chat. Welcome Dr. Oates.

Dr Jayson Oates: Hi Trish, nice to be here.

Trish Hammond: Thank you. Hey look, so tell us … First of all, tell us what is the CALIBRE Procedure?

Dr Jayson Oates: CALIBRE is the term that we use for a penile augmentation procedure, using injectable fillers. We were just looking for an alternative, something that was minimally invasive to be able to provide that enhancement.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so basically it’s going to help guys who want to increase their girth?

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, the size of their penis. It’s a girth procedure and it stcaarted maybe five years ago. I had a couple of male patients who asked in passing just asked if I did anything like this and I said no. I looked around and examined what were the options and surgery was very invasive. The more I found out about it the more I thought, “Gee, when you know what’s involved I don’t think you’d necessarily want to have it done.” Everything in cosmetic surgery had been moving towards less invasive options so fillers had boomed, we had threads, we’ve got the technology for body shaping now instead of having to have liposuction.

I thought it’s interesting that there’s nothing really available in this area. Then we thought, “Is it something that guys are really interested in? Are they willing to do something?” It turns out there’s been quite a few studies in this area just looking at what percentage of men have a concern about this. There were even studies done in Australia and they were ranging between 40-60% of men were willing to say that they were unhappy with the size and/or appearance of their penis and would be interested in doing something about it. That was when there wasn’t anything that was minimally invasive.

Eventually we got this idea, “Well, if you had a walk-in, walk-out procedure, if it was painless, if it was safe, if there was no down time, what percentage of men would be interested in having a bigger penis? We thought about it and thought, “Well, probably 99%.”

Trish Hammond: I think you’re right. It’s really funny because it’s actually quite a big level of inquiry that I get here on Plastic Surgery Help is from guys actually wanting to increase the size of their penis. It just …

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, it’s huge. The searches that are done through Google are just massive. So much of it goes to creams, supplements, lotions, oils and stuff, which really don’t have any strong biological scientific basis for doing anything. Maybe some supplements can increase blood flow but to really increase size and the claims that they have on these sites that you’re going to be four inches bigger and in a week you’re going to see this massive change. You would think that the claims are so outrageous that men would automatically know that it’s a scam but they’re out there.

Then there’s the machines. There’s pumps and stretching devices and there’s just a huge number of them. Interestingly, maybe there is some evidence that they can increase size somewhat but you’ve got to be really dedicated and that means potentially hours every day and for months on end to get any change at all.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, right. How long have you been doing it for, Dr. Oates? How long have you actually been doing it in clinic for now?

Dr Jayson Oates: We’ve been doing it as a procedure available to patients for a couple of years now. We started trialling it probably almost two years before that so it’s been going for quite a while. It’s taken us a long time to develop the technique to be able to do it in the best possible way to make it that really simple walk-in, walk-out painless have a really significant increase in size. Most of our guys would have an inch increase in circumference of their penis on the flaccid penis. Yeah, so that they can just have the procedure and have an instant change.

Trish Hammond: Sure. Obviously it’s a walk-in, walk-out so how long does it take?

Dr Jayson Oates: Takes about an hour to do itself. We get them to use local anaesthetic cream for about an hour beforehand so that we don’t even need to do any injections or numbing.

Trish Hammond: Okay, okay. They basically come in and they’ve already got the cream on there so it’s numb and you just do it with the cream.

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, that’s all they need for the numbing. Usually we’ll do it in two sessions. We’ve found that we can get a better, smoother, more even result by doing it in two sessions. The difficulty then is that we have a lot of guys that fly in from interstate and from around the world wanting to have the procedure. Having two sessions then becomes a little bit of an inconvenience but I think it makes it even better when we do it like that.

Trish Hammond: Okay. If it was two sessions over how long, a month apart or …?

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, between two to four weeks apart. There’s certainly a little bit of swelling initially, a bit like when you’re injecting any filler. We’re talking 10-20 mls of product so it’s a lot of product and that makes it a relatively expensive procedure. That then causes some swelling, which of course most of the guys love.

Trish Hammond: I was going to say, they probably love that.

Dr Jayson Oates: They think, “Wow, that’s real good.” Then as the swelling goes down they go awe sometimes. That’s why we always do measurements and photographs and stuff and say, “Well, it’s a full inch or more bigger while it’s flaccid. The other thing that they notice, and this is really important for a lot of guys, is that it hangs out more, they get less shrinkage. For a lot of guys that’s really important because it is a sort of a locker room treatment so that when you’re at the shower, at the gym, that you don’t have to feel shy about the size of your penis. It’s amazing how common this is. Lots of guys, yeah, it just makes them feel more confident.

Trish Hammond: Yeah. I’m going to ask you, I know you’ve been doing it for a couple years so obviously you’ve done a lot of procedures. That’s one thing I’m going to be asked, “How do I know that it’s safe, had you done a lot?” Can you tell us how many you’ve done roughly?

Dr Jayson Oates: We’ve done around about 100 or perhaps just a little over procedures now. If we count multiple procedures on guys probably well over that. We’ve probably had one of the biggest experiences in Australia doing this. Certainly using hyaluronic acid and the technique that we’ve developed to make it really safe. Potentially one of the biggest experiences in the world.

Trish Hammond: Okay, and I’m going to ask a couple questions that I’m presuming guys will want to know. Does it matter if you’re circumcised or uncircumcised?

Dr Jayson Oates: Technically it’s easier for us to do it if you’re circumcised. Of course, the majority of guys are uncircumcised now and so that’s fine. We obviously have to do it for both.

Trish Hammond: Okay, great. How long after you’ve had it done can you actually, can a guy have sex again?

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, that’s one of the big questions. We try to get guys to wait as long as a week. I think most guys don’t. When we were doing our initial trials almost all the guys rang me up the next day and said, “Yes, it works.”

Trish Hammond: After a day, good one.

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, because they’re pretty keen to get it out and put it to use and try it out.

Trish Hammond: Of course.

Dr Jayson Oates: We made a number of little access points. One of the things we really wanted to avoid is infection so we really want the guys to just keep it clean and avoid sex for at least three or four days to start with, preferably five to seven days.

Trish Hammond: Okay. The other thing I was going to ask. Say for example you come and have the procedure done … I know for people who get their lips done you have to top up every so often because it sort of wears away. How does that work with this? Is it kind of a little bit similar to your lip fillers I guess, you got to go every so often and get it touched up?

Dr Jayson Oates: We haven’t really hit too much the just it wears off by itself. The Koreans actually started this off and they published a number of papers on it. They were some of the impetus for me to develop the CALIBRE Procedure. They had a study showing 90% retention of product after 18 months.

Trish Hammond: Wow.

Dr Jayson Oates: It seems that maybe the penis is an area that is lower in natural hyaluronidase. We have certain places like on the face that product just lasts longer, the teardrop is one of them. Yeah, there’s just something about it where the product lasts longer. Yeah, we’re hoping that we’re going to be getting a couple of years, maybe more in longevity of the product.

Trish Hammond: I suppose in most cases the lips are probably used to hold up more than the penis anyway so that’s probably why it lasts longer as well maybe. Who knows?

Dr Jayson Oates: I wouldn’t be surprised. The other question that we get is, is it going to feel normal, is it going to have normal sensation? Basically yeah, the sensation is normal because we’re mostly putting the product into the shaft it’s actually not that sensitive. The vast majority of guys don’t notice any change in sensitivity there at all. Then because we’re putting in so much product of a gel is, is it going to feel soft and squishy and guys vary there. Most guys actually say when the penis is erect because everything is feeling so hard, the skin is so tight around this extra volume that it just feels as hard as normal. I had a guy just yesterday and he had getting close to 30 mls. He said that he does notice that on erection that just feels a little bit softer and squishier around the length of the shaft.

What we also find is that the partners notice the increase in size. He had almost 3 centimetres increase in circumference.

Trish Hammond: Wow.

Dr Jayson Oates: His wife said, absolutely she can feel the difference.

Trish Hammond: That’s so interesting. I think it’s such an important procedure believe it or not because I know how much inquiry, believe it or not, that I get. Sometimes guys are actually just too scared to go down the surgical path because if something goes wrong, something goes wrong.

Dr Jayson Oates: It is a big deal. I don’t know if it’s just the patients that I see because they’re still wanting something. Cutting the suspensory ligament that holds the penis in place and the idea that you then pull more of the erectile tissue out and it gets longer, a lot of guys have been very disappointed with that and not got the increase in length that they were expecting. After the procedure you need to wear one of the stretching devices, again, very consistently for many months because otherwise you won’t get any increase in length. There’s even the chance that scar tissue will contract and it will end up being shorter.

Then to increase the girth there’s been injections of fat and overall that’s been relatively disappointing. Again, I see a lot of guys who have had fat transfer and there’s a couple of little blobs around but it really hasn’t lasted. Then the other procedure is to take a strip of skin and fat from underneath the buttocks crease at the top of the leg. Take the top of the skin off and then stitch that underneath the skin of the penis. You’re looking at a really long recovery time because you can’t get up and walk around because you’ll burst the stitches at the back where it’s healing up.

I had a patient this week who had that procedure and then the dermal fat graft as it’s known contracted and calcified and then he had to have that surgically removed. Surgery, which is up until now the most guaranteed way of increasing the size of the penis, has limitations. Then there have been all these other options, as injecting things into the penis. People have injected silicone in there, which is usually a disaster and you hear all these backyard things. You keep on hearing of it. It’s amazing that in the 21st century this is still happening. Injecting Vaseline and oil and guys doing it at home, non-medical people doing it. Unfortunately, this is always a disaster and that’s really unfortunate.

Trish Hammond: Makes me cringe and I haven’t even got one. All right, so tell us if is thinking about it and just wants a bit more information they can just have a consult first, is that right?

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, absolutely. We’ve got clinics currently in Perth and Sydney. Hopefully soon we’ll have one of our doctors available in Melbourne as well. We have a website, and that’s got a lot of information on it. We just tried to put as much there as possible so guys can go there and read because the hard part we’re seeing actually for most guys is actually to ring up, speak to one of the secretaries and then actually come in through the door and come and see us. Most guys actually find that the procedure itself is really easy, it’s making that first step is the hard bit.

Trish Hammond: Yep, that’s the hard bit. Look, I know … Look, I’ve run the clinic and seriously guys if you are looking for somewhere the people on the other end of the phone are really helpful, they’re really understanding, and chances are they probably have someone really close to them who have already had the procedure so they can give you a whole lot of information as well. Anything else that we need to add, Dr. Oates before we go?

Dr Jayson Oates: No, I think that’s good for CALIBRE. It’s really important for guys to do their research and get comfortable. I guess the other thing is that because a CALIBRE Procedure uses a temporary filler and then what all guys really want to know about is permanent fillers. There are some permanent fillers done in Mexico and in Korea. I’ve seen guys who have had really good results with that. I’ve also seen guys with really bad results, really lumpy results. In fact, I did a guy just this week and we’re trying to use filler to go between all the lumps and bumps in the asymmetry and make it just more even and smooth.

The problem with the PMMA is that they’re little balls of plastic, the same thing that is acrylic plexiglass just ground up into these tiny little balls. Now, that must have a lot of good success and, again, most of the guys that I see have had it are coming to me because they haven’t had success. Once it’s in there the only way to get it out is to de-glob the whole penis, peel all the skin back, which is then really hard because it’s all stuck down with scar tissue and cut out every little bit of scar individually, which is a real nightmare. There’s not really any surgeons in Australia who have that kind of experience, nobody really wants to be doing it.

You can’t get rid of these little plastic balls, there’s nothing you can do to break up the little nodules so then the only thing is to try and hide it with something else. That’s one of the reasons why we developed CALIBRE because we wanted guys to have a safe, it’s reversible, it will go away by itself eventually, something that’s available in Australia by doctors who are really well trained and experienced in doing it, to give them a good, safe alternative.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, fantastic. Well, thank you so much for your time today.

Dr Jayson Oates: You’re welcome, Trish, good to be able to speak to you again.

Trish Hammond: Lovely. Look, so if you are keen and you want just a little bit more info or if you just want to have a chat before, feel free to drop us an email to help at Check out the website which is CALIBRE … Sorry.

Dr Jayson Oates: CALIBRE Clinic.

Trish Hammond: CALIBREclinic … singular Thank you so much for your time today.

Dr Jayson Oates: Thanks Trish, good talking to you.

Trish Hammond: You too, bye.

Dr Jayson Oates: Bye.

John’s Calibre experience…

“I first heard about the Calibre procedure through a short article in a Men’s Health magazine. It made a lot of sense as I’d read a lot about people enhancing the size of all sorts of body parts through medically approved methods, or even synthetic oils to enhance muscle size.

While I’m above average in the length department, and my only average girth was never a problem, the promise that my girth could be increased by 1 to 2 cm was quite intriguing.

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Oates in Subiaco, and he was extremely professional, explaining all the risks and benefits, and how the procedure would be done. The reception staff were great and certainly put me at ease.

A few weeks later I returned for the procedure. It was not entirely painfree, but certainly bearable and Dr. Oates adjusted everything for my comfort level.

My results 2 weeks post procedure showed an increase in girth when flaccid from 11.5cm to 13.5, and when erect from 12.5 to 14.5cm. Flaccid length has increased slightly due to the extra weight.

I will be returning to have a couple of small spots filled in, and filling out other areas because…why not?

One side effect I have noticed is that my erections happen sooner, stay harder, and for longer than previously. Whether it’s a mind thing or a result of the Calibre treatment, I’m not sure.”

To find out more or to arrange a consult with Dr Jayson Oates about how the Calibre procedure might be able to help you phone 08 9382 4800.


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